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RVing With Dogs is More Fun in a Bowlus®

RVing With Dogs is More Fun in a Bowlus®

Camping is the ultimate family activity, and it’s certainly more fun when we go RVing with our dogs. After all, they’re family members too, and they’ve gotten pretty used to having us around after a year of working from home. So the next time you hook up the RV and head out on a road trip, why not take your four-legged friend along too? With a little bit of planning, and a pet-friendly RV like the Bowlus, the whole family can have an amazing time in the great outdoors.

How to Go RVing With Dogs
Whether you’re hitting the road full-time or you’re just heading out for the weekend, there are a few things to keep in mind if your dog is coming along. Before you hit the road, remember to ask about the RV park’s policies on pets. Some may charge an additional fee, limit the number of dogs you can bring, or have rules about pets being left unattended in the camper; all things you’ll want to know before you go.

You’ll need to pack a few essentials when you include your dog in your RV travels. Things like an ID tag with your cell phone number, a 6-foot leash, medication, toys, food, water and (of course) treats are critical. A first aid kit, a recent photo, and vaccination records are also handy to have on hand, just in case of emergency. And while the essentials are nice, every well-appointed dog needs a few accessories to ensure they’re ready for whatever may come. With Bowlus’ unique storage system, you’ll have room to include things like a harness for hikes, jackets to keep your pup warm or dry, booties to protect their paws, a cooling pad for hot days, and more.

What you don’t need to bring are food and water bowls for inside the RV, because we can provide them in a convenient drawer. We’ll even include a personalized bed for your pup, because he or she needs a luxurious place to rest and recharge for the next adventure, just like you. Our expertly crafted, best in class seating also makes for a cool spot for you and your pet to relax – that is if they haven’t spied a chipmunk through Bowlus’ large windows.

The Gateway to Dog-Friendly Adventures
One of the greatest things about RVing with your dog is being able to include them in the family’s adventures. Hiking, for example, is one of the top activities when camping, and what dog doesn’t love to go for a long w-a-l-k. If hitting the trail isn’t your style, your entire family may enjoy a day at the beach, exploring a local park, kayaking down a lazy river, having a picnic, or just relaxing at the camper. The options for a fun day with your furry best friend are nearly endless.

Wherever the day takes you, RVers need to keep their pups properly hydrated. Be sure to bring plenty of water, keeping in mind that they’ll likely need more than usual. If you’re making a day of it, consider strapping a small backpack on your dog so they can carry their own collapsible water bowl and waste bags (check with your vet to see how much weight they can safely carry). When you’re planning your day, you’ll also want to look for rules and regulations specific to dogs. Some parks, beaches, and public lands (including the national parks), limit where dogs can roam, even when leashed.

A day in nature inevitably leads to muddy or sandy paws. When you’re camping with your dog in a Bowlus though, it’s easy to keep the mess outside of your luxurious retreat. The showerhead extends through a hatch in the side of the unit, making clean up quick and easy.

Unfortunately, not every part of your camping adventure will be dog-friendly. If you want to hit the shops or have dinner at a restaurant, it’s important to know that your pet is safe and secure back at the RV. For those times when you have to leave your dog alone, the Bowlus remote temperature control system gives you peace of mind and the power to ensure your pet is comfortable until you return.

RVing With Your Dog in Every Season and Off Grid
When it comes to RV travel with dogs, where and when you go is really only limited by your camper’s capabilities. With a bit of extra planning (and packing), your pup will enjoy cold weather camping as much as their summer, spring, or fall adventures. A jacket and booties will keep them warm when they’re out in the elements, and when inside your Bowlus, they’ll love warming their feet on the heated floor just as much as you do. And there are no worries about taking your Bowlus out in the snow – unlike other rigs where pipes can freeze, the Bowlus really shines in winter weather.

As more people take up RVing, it’s getting harder to find the peace and quiet you’re looking for in RV parks. That’s why more people are boondocking – or camping without hookups on designated public or private land. There’s no better way to travel on your own terms than to go off grid. Before you head out, do your research to make sure that the area is safe for your dog. If they’re not already on a tick prevention medication, you may want to consider one. Once on your campsite, dog owners should take measures to protect them from wildlife and the elements. You’ll also need to understand the rules and regulations for dogs in your dispersed camping area.

Ventilation, heating and cooling are another thing to keep in mind when boondocking with a dog. If you’re headed off grid in a Bowlus, you’ll have no worries. Our solar system and powerful batteries will even allow you to run the A/C.

Whether you’re on the grid or off, RVing with your dog is fun, convenient, and safe when you have a pet-friendly Bowlus.