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Sometimes It’s a Little Thing That Can Make Your Day

Sometimes It’s a Little Thing That Can Make Your Day

Sometimes it’s a small feature that can make your day. At Bowlus, we thought about all of those little things when we were designing the all-electric 2023 Volterra, and the result is a luxury RV that makes camping a dream, both off-grid and on.

One of the biggest challenges of staying off-grid for extended periods of time is that you need both power and water. Eventually, one or the other will send you back to civilization for replenishment. With the all-electric Volterra, we’ve created a luxury travel trailer that allows you to maximize your time without hookups.

First, we solved the power situation by including a 17 kWh lithium iron battery, a best-in-class power management system, and two AeroSolarTM solar panels. These industry-leading standard features will power every Volterra system indefinitely.

Next, to ensure you have enough water for your boondocking expedition, we’ve increased the freshwater storage capacity by more than 150%. With the Volterra’s 50-gallon freshwater tanks, you can stay off-grid for a much longer period of time than ever before.

The new, larger freshwater tanks are also perfect for RVers who love a long, luxurious shower. Nothing is more relaxing after a day on the trail than retreating to the spa-like bathroom in your Volterra. Combine our high-capacity water tank with Bowlus’ top-of-the-line on-demand tankless hot water system, and you’ll be able to enjoy a restorative shower in your home away from home.

If you like to spend a lot of time off-grid, or if you just like long, hot showers, then the all-electric Bowlus Volterra is the luxury travel trailer of your dreams.