Terra Firma Feature Highlight: Pet-Flex Friendly

Terra Firma Feature Highlight: Pet-Flex Friendly

What really makes our day is when our owners share their stories about their pets. The stories are marvelous! It’s no secret that nothing beats traveling with your pet. Pet-Flex Friendly features additionals in the special Limited Edition Terra Firma will make your pet beg you to join you on your next Bowlus adventure.

You will find the following exceptional Pet-Flex Friendly features on the very special Limited Edition Terra Firma so that you and Rover or, in my case, Betty will enjoy maximum flexibility in your travels.

A remote temperature monitor that allows you to monitor the temperature remotely of your Bowlus. Since all heating and A/C functions can operate for extended periods off-grid, this functionality enables you to check on your pets while you grab take out or run an errand to ensure they are comfortable.

Pet Bowls are simply accessed from a drawer for easy controlled feeding and beyond adorable.

With so many looking for a quality travel experience with all family members, we are beyond delighted at the Limited Edition Terra Firma’s adoption rate.