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Terra Firma Feature Highlight: Ultimate In Comfort

Terra Firma Feature Highlight: Ultimate In Comfort

When you sell directly to your end-user, as we do, you have an incredible opportunity to really hear them when they share very personal stories about their lives. Since we delivered the first Bowlus many years ago, we have been told incredible stories about them serving as evacuation vehicles and safe spaces from significant fires, floods, and power outages and even as a home away from home. For other owners, their Bowlus served as their home base while they performed services like mold remediation, simple renovations, or complete rebuilds on their primary/secondary residences.

It was with these stories specifically in mind, we’ve added a HEPA filter with UVC to this very special Limited Edition Terra Firma so no matter what you are experiencing, your Bowlus can provide for all your needs. When first designed in late 2019, we thought it might appeal to those traveling in fire zones. However, it ended up having an incredible adoption nationally due to the pandemic.

Additionally, we added the Fresh Water Filtration System with a two-stage filtration system that gives you odor-free, better-tasting water. A carbon filter removes bacteria, sediment, chlorine, and other chemicals from entering your water supply.

We look forward to your Bowlus adventures!