Terra Firma: The Best RV Interior

Terra Firma: The Best RV Interior

Enjoy the ultimate in land travel with the Bowlus Terra Firma, starting at $265,000. The Terra Firma has been our most successful launch to date. 

The Terra Firma wraps you in an incredible sense of well-being that comes with feeling truly at one with the world. By creating a totally immersive and elemental experience, the Terra Firma offers an even better land travel experience. One that gives you more control and greater flexibility and is grounded in the Bowlus signature approach to adventuring. 

The Terra Firma extends the Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition (starting at $240,000) with even more features so you can seek the simplicity and solitude of off-grid and enjoy the thrill of exploration. The Terra Firma is truly your armored sheath protecting you in whatever the world throws your way.

We’ve received numerous inquiries for a quick summary of the upgrades in the Terra Firma. The Terra Firma includes all of the features of the Endless Highways Performance Edition. 

These features include:

Limited Edition Terra Firma Color Story

The Terra Firma Color Story oozes with the relaxed vibe that comes with a lazy late afternoon watching a spectacular sunset and knowing all is as it should be in the world. The story of the Bowlus Terra Firma is about using color and details that build on a feeling of ultra comfort. In the main cabin, you will find seating in Field with accent piping in Open Sky. This grounding color story carried through with luxurious flooring to the stateroom where the Terra Firma color story is extended in beautiful striped duvets with elegant headboards in Open Sky. the Terra Firma flexible environment that allows you to concentrate on your personal narrative. These details are perfect for adrenaline-fuelled adventure or a peaceful desert retreat. As always, the Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition combines the simplicity and solitude of off-grid with the thrill of exploration. Now with the Terra Firma, you can retire to your armored sheath sheltered from whatever the world throws your way. 

Bowlus also offers Bespoke Customizations that start $20,000-$40,000 and above.


Ultimate in Comfort

HEPA Filter with UVC 

We created the Bowlus to offer the ultimate in luxury land travel adventures. However, we have also found Bowlus serving as evacuation vehicles and safe spaces from significant fires, floods, and power outages or as homes away from home while owners performed services like mold remediations, renovations, or rebuilds on their primary residences. With this in mind, we’ve added a HEPA Filter with UVC to this special Limited Edition Terra. Firma, so no matter what you are experiencing, it is there to provide to all your needs.

Fresh Water Filtration System

The Fresh Water Filtration System with a two-stage filtration system gives you odor-free better-tasting water. A carbon filter removes bacteria, sediment, chlorine, and other chemicals from entering your water supply. 


Ultimate In Flexibility & Ease

Pet-Flex Friendly

No one wants to leave our four-footed friends behind on our adventures, so this Limited Edition Terra Firm offers some exceptional features that allow maximum flexibility. These include:

-Remote temperature monitor, which allows you to monitor the temperature remotely of your Bowlus. Since all heating and A/C functions can operate for extended periods off-grid, this functionality enables you to check on your pets while you grab take out or run an errand to ensure they are comfortable.

-Coordinated Pet Bed

-Pet Bowls are simply accessed from a drawer for easy controlled feeding.

Smart Brake Controller

It has an integrated Bluetooth brake controller for the modern nomad. Triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth braking to any tow vehicle without any mods, seamless tow vehicle transfer with vehicle-specific memory profiles (i.e., tow with the Tesla X one day, the Bentayga the next).

User intuitive touch screen panel 

Five-inch touch screen display with an instant overview of the proprietary Bowlus Power Management System, which allows settings to adjust intuitively and simply. 

Find My Bowlus 

Find My Bowlus debuts GPS tracking for an added level of security and peace of mind. Allow other uses to access your location to anticipate your arrival or view your trip status to coordinate off-grid camping with friends and family.


The incredible reaction of our customers and the press confirms that no one understands and designs for the luxury land traveler like Bowlus.