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Bowlus® Reviews: Terra Firma

Bowlus® Reviews: Terra Firma

The reviews are in on the new Terra Firma Edition, and yes  – they LOVE it!

Here’s what our owners had to say:

“We lost our home in one of the California fires and decided we needed a Bowlus so the next time we evacuated, we could be safe and comfortable. However, as you know, when we ordered, we were somewhat dissatisfied that the waitlist was considerable. But now we’ve come to believe good things to come to those who wait. You have no idea how excited we are about our Terra Firma Edition! The new HEPA Filter with UVC means clean air – a brilliant idea and a true blessing. The built-in dog bowls for our dear Charlie is beyond adorable. Bowlus, you thought of something for all members of our family!”

“I was about to consider A Bespoke Performance Edition when the Terra Firma arrived in my inbox. Seriously Geneva, you consistently nail the zeitgeist of today’s traveler. So stunning, the Terra Firma is everything I wanted on the tech side and, of course, including all the Endless Highways Performance Edition features. But you get me at the small design details – those headboards, so cozy, and the color scheme just the ultimate for kicking back. Truly the ultimate in land travel.”

“Got our Terra Firma ten days ago, and we are in love. I can rattle off the list of features, but my favorite might just be Find My Bowlus. Our millennial children said they thought we had lost our minds since we were more comfortable at a five star than camping. So I assumed when I added them to the Find My Bowlus GPS (as per their request) because they thought they’d have to come and “save”  us one day. I never expected they would crash our weekend at the vineyard. Seriously the best weekend ever!”  

We would love to invite you to experience the Bowlus Terra Firma. Please let us know if we can schedule your exclusive Facetime sales appointment to see the Terra Firma.