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The Bowlus® Refrigerator – Perfect For Your Adventures

The Bowlus® Refrigerator – Perfect For Your Adventures

When we designed the Bowlus, we found the Goldilocks of refrigerators. It’s the “just right” fridge that’s built for travel – it’s not too big and it’s not too small. The freezer is big enough for a pint of ice cream, a bottle of vodka, and other frozen necessities. The fridge itself is perfectly sized to fit your trip’s pre-prepped meals and snacks. Spend a little time before you head out on your RV trip thinking about what you’ll cook in your travel trailer and how long you’ll be off-grid. Then you’ll be able to stock the fridge with just the things you’ll need – and you won’t waste any food on the trip. We love using glass storage containers to keep things organized and simplify mealtimes while we’re on-the-go. Plus, in Bowlus’ perfectly sized fridge, there’ll be room for the amazing local delicacies you might pick up along your travels at local markets and specialty food shops.

Bigger is not always better, especially in the case of RV fridges. One of the best things about a Bowlus is that you can boondock in a quiet corner of the world for weeks at a time – all while keeping your refrigerated items safe and cold. The Bowlus fridge features a high efficiency compressor and runs off the lithium iron phosphate batteries that you can keep charged up with our solar panels.

Here’s the thing – you won’t use your RV fridge the same way you use the one at home. Your home fridge is all about storing four different kinds of mustard and three varieties of hummus. Think about your RV’s fridge like you would your RV’s closet. You wouldn’t pack all four seasons of your wardrobe in your travel trailer for a single trip, so why would you bring the entire contents of your home refrigerator? Smart RVers don’t. And that’s why luxury land travelers choose Bowlus and our perfectly sized refrigerator.