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The Design Secret Behind Camping In All Seasons

The Design Secret Behind Camping In All Seasons

When you purchase in an RV, you would expect to enjoy whatever the season. However, that isn’t true. While any RV can act as a shell against a winter storm, most RVs are no more than rigid tents with questionable heat and no water nor toilet facilities. They are simply not designed for winter camping. They are the definition of roughing it and offer little protection when the temperature falls to frostbite. Luckily, the Bowlus is designed to perform in every season. 

Over the next few weeks, we will explore feature highlights on why the Bowlus is the ultimate RV for luxury land travel in every season. Whether you seek winter adventures or like to explore locations with temperature swings (think the desert and at elevation), these features are crucial to having the best experience.

At Bowlus, we design for the user, and a prime example of this is our monocoque design. A real monocoque design that uses 2024T3 aluminum skin (which is six times stronger than anyone others) is structural, bearing tension and compression loads. In practical terms, everything is inside the shell, rather than on the exterior like you might have seen on other aluminum trailers where the aluminum is simply a cap on top of a conventional steel frame. This not only gives you strength but also seals you from the elements and vermin too.

A true monocoque frame provides an incredible advantage for winter luxury land travel. As long as you keep the interior of your Bowlus warm (we’ll dive in later to all of our fantastic heating features), you will be able to use 100% of the capabilities of your system. All of the plumbing is inside the Bowlus’ shell, so there is no risk of it freezing. 

The Bowlus monocoque design also translates into many other handling advantages that we will dive into further during this series. 

P.S. Do you want to chat more about winter adventures? Please let us know.