The Easiest Towing Experience & Our 12 Favorite Tow Vehicles

The Easiest Towing Experience & Our 12 Favorite Tow Vehicles

If you are going to explore the national parks and amazing off-grid locations, you need an RV that is easy to tow and drive. Like you, we understand why towing or driving extremely large vehicles could seem scary and overwhelming. After all, you want to spend your leisure time exploring, not worrying. While this is absolutely the case with monstrous RVs and other towables like Airstreams, it is simply not true with a Bowlus. Towing a Bowlus is truly a breeze. Our owners think so too. Read their testimonials for their first-hand experience.

Here are the reasons why the Bowlus is the easiest full-sized travel trailer to tow:

  1. Aerodynamics & Shape: The Bowlus has a truly aerodynamic shape meaning superb handling in crosswinds & when traversing mountains.
  2. Center of Gravity: The Bowlus has a low center of gravity which is important for general handling such as quick lane changes & driving in high winds.
  3. Lightweight: The Bowlus is so incredibly lightweight (up to 3,000 lbs lighter than comparable length travel trailers). It means that you can tow with almost any vehicle and that you’ll be able to accelerate & stop quickly as needed.
  4. Width: With the Bowlus you have a clear path of vision down both sides, making lane changes or pull-ins a breeze. The Bowlus tracks directly behind your vehicle, so you don’t need extension mirrors, and there is no worry of not getting through narrow passages.
  5. Sustainability Friendly: Large behemoth RVs cannot be towed by electric vehicles and they make your gas mileage or range dismal. This is not the case with a Bowlus. In fact, our owners report getting over 30 mpg while towing with their Bowlus and up to 235 miles per charge with a Tesla X.
  6. Backing Up: Big RV’s can be stressful to back up and can leave you feeling embarrassed in front of the whole campsite. The Bowlus so easy to back up, getting into that perfect spot. It’s just that easy.


The Endless Highways® Edition has a GVWR of 4,000 lbs. There are truly so many tow vehicle choices. Here are 10 options that our customers report back as loving for their Bowlus adventures:

Subaru Ascent
Towing capacity to 5,000 lbs.
Starting at $31,995

Toyota Tacoma
Tow capacity to 6,400 lbs
Starting at $31,965

Tesla X
Tow capacity to 4,980 lbs.
Starting at $89,500

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
Tow Capacity to 7,200 lbs.
Starting at $41,195

Porsche Macan
Tow capacity to 4,409 lbs.
Starting at $49,900

Audi Q5
Tow capacity to 4,400 lbs.
Starting at $42,950

Bentley Bentayga
Tow capacity to 7,716 lbs.
Starting at $195,000

Mercedes Benz GLE
Tow capacity to 7,700 lbs.
Starting at $56,200

Tow capacity to 4,400 lbs.
Starting at $41,000

Jaguar F-Pace
Tow capacity to 5,291 lbs.
Starting at $44,800

Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Tow capacity to 7,716 lbs.
Starting at $68,500

Toyota Land Cruiser
Tow capacity to 8100 lbs.
Starting at $85,015

*Prices of all above vehicles are subject to change and were current as of April 2020.