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The Many Benefits of Owning an All-Electric Bowlus Volterra

The Many Benefits of Owning an All-Electric Bowlus Volterra

Are you concerned about climate change? So are we. Transportation-related emissions are the largest source of climate pollution in the US. Small gas or diesel-powered engines like those found in RV generators are also big polluters. These are sobering thoughts for those of us that love to refresh and reset by heading off-grid in our RVs.

But here’s the good news. Electric vehicles can help save both the planet and our lives, and now your entire camping experience can be carbon-free with the all-electric 2023 Bowlus Volterra – the only RV that can reduce your carbon footprint to zero.

Even before we introduced the Volterra, you could tow a Bowlus with many electric SUVs and not suffer from range anxiety. Between our aerodynamic design and the lightweight yet durable construction materials we use, EV drivers have always gotten excellent range when towing our hand-crafted luxury travel trailers.

The Volterra is no different. Our newest lightweight model shares the brand’s iconic aerodynamic design, which means you’ll still be able to go further with a Bowlus than any other RV on the market.

But now, with the all-electric Volterra, you can camp carbon free because we’ve eliminated the need for a noisy generator and polluting propane. Instead, the Volterra allows you to be one with nature by silently electrifying your off-grid adventures with solar panels, a powerful new battery, and an upgraded Bowlus Power Management System.

Self-sufficient and sustainable? Yes, please! With your EV and your Bowlus Volterra, your off-grid adventures can be good for the soul and good for the environment.