The Most Reliable RV on The Market

The Most Reliable RV on The Market

When you are looking for an RV, finding the most reliable RV is essential. It’s something that helps you ensure you get good value for your money but means you can continue spending time adventuring with your RV, not stuck with it in the repair bay all summer.

Here are a few essentials to consider:


We understand having an issue with low-quality parts is frustrating. So, we start with the best in class materials and combine those with artisan manufacturing techniques, the same ones that built the Bowlus Road Chiefs of the 1930s. We use best in class parts for everything right down to the screws. For example, we use stainless steel screws, so there is no risk of rust. We use marine grade parts because it makes a difference.

You shouldn’t be concerned with the structural integrity of your travel trailer or RV. Steel frames with poorly made roofs and sides reasonably leave you worried about how your RV will continue to hold up against the elements. We use aircraft grade aluminum and rivets. We manufacture to aircraft tolerances and use the same 2024 aluminum that modern airplane manufacturers build their exterior. We have a full monocoque design, meaning there is not any place for rodents to come into your Bowlus (you would be surprised how common this is with other RVs).


The RV industry has a reputation for crude execution and dissatisfied consumers. It comes as no surprise that over 91% of the industry is owned by three huge public corporations, Thor Industries, Forest River and Winnebago. Even Airstream is part of one of these large conglomerates (Thor Industries). Due to the pressure of quarterly results and annual executive bonuses, the RV industry needs to continue selling RVs as cheaply as possible. This pressure leads to an inferior product and a lack of empathy or considers for the customer. Bowlus is independently family owned, and we focus on our relationship with you, our customer.  When we design the Bowlus, we are doing so because we want to share our vision with the world and fulfill your needs, not because we have earnings reports demanding it. Our independence allows us to craft the Bowlus the way we want to, make our customers’ needs our main priority, tell our story in an authentic voice and celebrate those who desire to adventure on their terms.

Product Support

The Bowlus is genuinely the most user-friendly RV there is. Before delivery, we give you access to all of our manuals. We’ve worked hard to make sure our owner’s manual is not just a book of warnings but provides helpful information on how to best operate your Bowlus in a way that is easy to understand. Plus, product support assistance is available by email.