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The World’s Best RV Dealership Is As Close As Your Screen

The World’s Best RV Dealership Is As Close As Your Screen

Visitors to the Bowlus Virtual Sales Appointment often remark in delight that it isn’t like anything they have experienced before. That’s because visiting a traditional RV dealership just isn’t much fun. Sure, you probably arrive all excited to see what’s on the lot. Maybe you’re the type to get all worked up at the idea you’re going to get a bargain. Then the anticipation comes to a screeching halt the minute you walk in the door. Why? Because you’re soon very frustrated at the lack of knowledge of the salesperson and wholly underwhelmed at the quality of the campers, vans, motorhomes, and travel trailers displayed on the RV dealer’s lot.

Maybe you think the product knowledge of the sales experience doesn’t really matter. After all, you can find out almost everything you need to know on the internet, right? But RV manufacturers really don’t tell you what you need to know; they tell you only what they want you to know. First-time buyers find this very frustrating as they have to discern what is important to them. Even more frustrating, most RV manufacturers highly alter their visuals, so you really never see the imperfections unless someone is willing to point them out to you. RV manufacturers and RV dealers love to steer you to talk about floorplans and color schemes instead of manufacturing quality. They do this because, with a general lack of product knowledge that most RV salespeople possess, it makes it easy to ask you what color you like rather than have in-depth knowledge of all the models in the yard.

At Bowlus, you’ll experience a completely different experience. Think of the experience like an old school visit to the Apple Genius bar. We want to explain what, why, and how. The appointment is yours, and only yours so you can ask and experience the Bowlus  how you’d like. After all, you’re looking forward to wide open spaces of dry camping when you are RVing, not a crowded campground, so shouldn’t your appointment be all about you? Bowlus encourages you to ask all your questions, and you’ll get all your answers in detail about how you would like them. We do not gloss over anything, like at the local RV dealer, by a salesperson who either doesn’t really go camping or doesn’t really understand the technology, design, or construction methods. Bowlus  will show you how the aluminum frames are constructed for lightness and how each panel is riveted on with true aircraft rivets (the only company that uses them in the RV industry). Bowlus will go through the entire operation of the addressing the Endless Highways, the Performance Edition and the Terra Firma upgrade.

You can book your personal appointment by email or by giving the team at Bowlus a call. Let the Bowlus team demonstrate why the world’s best RV dealership is as close as your screen.