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Three Big Reasons Why Road Travel is Going to Be More Popular in 2022

Three Big Reasons Why Road Travel is Going to Be More Popular in 2022

Air travel had lost a whole lot of its appeal. Long gone are the days when you wore your best travel outfit in hopes of being bumped up to first-class where you enjoyed crisp linens and an icy cold bowl of Haagen Dazs for dessert. Of course, the same can be said about finding a nice, clean hotel or motel as you drive across this vast country of ours. Here are three reasons why road travel, especially with a Bowlus, is going to experience a bump in 2022 and beyond?

1. Long before we worried about if someone was sneezing or coughing at the local Hampton or Holiday Inn, the real ongoing concern was bed bugs. Bed bugs became so ubiquitous that the Hampton Inn chain started using Post-it notes on the headboard that read, “Yes, all bedding has been professionally cleaned.” The reality was you were lucky to cross the country without a bed bug episode. As a recent customer noted on why he and his wife want a Bowlus? “If bed bugs were the cake, the COVID-19 virus is the icing on why traveling with your own residence was essential, not just nice to have in 2022 and beyond.”

2. More and more of us are super conscious about what we choose to eat. Bringing along your own kitchen makes good sense to ensure you know what you are eating. For people with allergies or dietary needs like celiac disease or those keeping to a specific diet, having your own kitchen so you can whip up a delicious meal is not only easy but preferable to trying to find something somewhat nutritious at a truck stop. A Bowlus and its front door make for easy entry for a quick bite or full meal.

3. Shouldn’t you travel in comfort? Air travel with their long lines, tiny seats just isn’t comfortable in any possible way. Sure, you get there faster; however, when you take into consideration your (and your family and pets) recovery time and issues like circulation problems, deep vein thrombosis, and cosmic radiation exposure, you are much more comfortable in a Bowlus.

With the trend away from air travel in 2022, traveling by Bowlus has become an even more of an intelligent choice.