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Vented AC That Will Give You The Chills

Vented AC That Will Give You The Chills

The dog days of summer are here – and this year it seems like it’s hotter than ever. Record high temperatures might keep some luxury RVers at home, but Bowlus owners are still hitting the road, knowing that our best in class air conditioning system will keep them extremely comfortable, no matter where they are.

At Bowlus, your comfort is our top priority, so we’ve designed our AC system to be efficient and powerful. First, we don’t put the unit on the roof like everyone else. Our AC unit is placed low within the shell. We do this to maximize aerodynamics and make towing easy, but just as important, we do it because it gives you a higher quality and quantity of cool air than a rooftop mounted unit ever could.

We also use a vented air conditioning system that has adjustable vents located throughout the RV. It’s designed to blow and circulate cool air in a much more efficient way than a traditional ducted AC unit, making it feel cooler in a Bowlus faster than it would in any other RV.

And like everything else in a Bowlus luxury RV, the air conditioner is designed to be as efficient as possible. In fact, we were the first and are still the only towable RV where you can run the AC off grid.

Need to stop along your drive to take a Zoom call? No problem. You can take that call from inside your cool and comfortable Bowlus.

Need a quick power nap or a snack? Pull into the nearest rest stop and enter the cool, refreshing sanctuary that is your Bowlus.

Are you happiest when boondocking? Bowlus owners don’t have to worry about restless nights tossing and turning in the heat. Your Bowlus will keep you sleeping comfortably off grid for up to two overnights.

With the Bowlus vented air conditioning system, you can travel on your own terms – no matter how hot it is outside!