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Probably one of the most frequent emails we receive is like this one: “I live in an area with lots of pack rats/woodrats. My neighbor has them in his RV, so I’m having a hard time convincing my loved one to buy an RV. Have there been instances of this to your knowledge in a Bowlus?” It is an excellent question to ask. In fact, it is an essential question to ask, because as we all know, once you have vermin, they are incredibly difficult to rid them from your life. If you are considering sending us an email defending vermin, know it will go unread since we don’t believe they have any place in an RV.

So, just in case you think we are making this up (and not picking on any one RV manufacturer), but you’ll find countless threads about vermin in Airstream Airforums. The issue comes down to how traditional RVs (including motorhomes and vans) are built on a conventional frame. These manufacturing techniques allow for numerous entry points for vermin (after all, they are just looking for a quiet, warm place to rest with their family) and, as you may know, can enter a hole the size of a nickel.

We’re pleased to let you know, the Bowlus with a completely wrapped shell in 2024T3 doesn’t allow any entry (of anything). Of course, wrapping the entire Bowlus costs more, so you really have to decide if you are ok living with a small family of smelly unwanted guests or want the ultimate privacy. Another advantage of being completely wrapped means less dust and dirt entering as well. For Bowlus owners, these are just a few reasons why their investments are so well protected, and they can sleep safe and sound each night.