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What Bowlus Is Right For You?

What Bowlus Is Right For You?

The good news is we have a Bowlus that is just right for you. While the Endless Highways Performance Edition and the Terra Firma share the same spectacular fit and finish along with the exact layout and Bowlus signature Bowlus systems, there are substantial differences that may make one edition more appealing to you than the other.

The Terra Firma shares all the same features of the Endless Highways Performance Edition, so the best way to think of the two models is more about what is in addition to the Endless Highways Performance Edition in the Terra Firma Edition.

First, the Terra Firma encompasses several pet-flex-friendly features like a remote temperature monitor and slide-out bowls so all travelers have a comfy place to rest. Next, we added a sophisticated HEPA filter along with a two-stage water filtration system. Terra Firma owners report that they love the HEPA filter for comfort and security. They additionally love how it can help control pet odors. Further, in the Terra Firma, you’ll find a few tech features like GPS tracking for an additional level of security and integrated Bluetooth brake control.

If you have been considering a bespoke Bowlus, the Terra Firma may be just what you have in mind since the interior is elevated in seating, bedding, and flooring in what we refer to as a relaxed vibe that comes with a lazy late afternoon knowing all is as it should be in the world. Of course, you are also welcome to bespoke your Endless Highways Performance or Terra Firma Edition, as we have for many owners, so don’t feel you are limited in any way from having a Bowlus that is perfect for you.

As you are probably aware, we sell out every year and in some specific quarters many years in advance, so if you think a Bowlus is in your future, please reach out, so we don’t disappoint you.

We look forward to answering your questions.