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What Does Luxury Mean To You?

What Does Luxury Mean To You?

When any of us renovate or decorate our homes, we generally have a predetermined list of materials that point to luxury and speak to performance/durability. Indeed, the use of granite and marbles have redefined kitchens and bathrooms. In the last few years, organic fabrics have become more highly regarded and sought after for bedding and soft goods. So when we went to define luxury in land travel when we began our R & D of the Bowlus almost a decade ago, we had to set a new level of expectations because the RV industry took their cues from home decorators.

However, heavy materials like granite or marble make no sense in an RV, nor do soft goods that don’t breathe or make you feel out of touch in nature. So it’s no surprise Bowlus is considered the definitive standard in luxury design in RV because we understand what luxury land travel really means. We occasionally see others attempting to copy the Bowlus. Such as in our first use of teak in bathrooms (however, in our case, it is responsibly farmed) or duplicating our use of stainless steel countertops for their lightness, cleanliness, and durability.

But don’t be fooled. Great design isn’t about taking an idea here or attempting to use someone else’s idea there. It is about an entire holistic concept that is properly executed so that you have no idea where it starts and where it ends. As someone called this weekend to place an order for an Endless Highways Terra Firma, said, “When I look at the Bowlus, it not only excites me because it is so clever and beautiful, but I just got to tell when I look at it, it just makes me so happy.” It’s true; great design touches our emotions in ways nothing else can. It is why when done “just” right, and what makes a house becomes a home.

So rest assured knowing the new Terra Firma and the incredibly popular Endless Highways Performance Edition is a completely holistic approach to design and how you land travel. We have made every decision with your best interests at heart. It is our honor to provide an environment that ignites your imagination.