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What Does Performance Mean to Us? (Exterior)

What Does Performance Mean to Us? (Exterior)

What does Performance mean in the RV world? If you think generally not much you’re right…

In the automotive category, high-performance vehicles offer greater speed and power. However, high performance is something rarely witnessed in the RV industry. Based on calls we receive daily, consumers often (without much thought) transfer the Mercedes Benz badge quality of a van purchase to the RV experience and then later feel duped that the RV construction doesn’t match that of the Mercedes-Benz badge.

Even more so than the automotive world, it is essential to remember that every part and system of your RV has the power to work with or against its ability to perform. That all systems must all function in concert for an ultimate experience is an understatement.

That’s why aerodynamics in the RV world isn’t just buzzwords. A true aerodynamic RV build minimizes the friction points to enable you to slip through the air faster and easier than a bulky or toaster shaped RV with endless friction points and flat sides to hamper drag. When towing with a Bowlus, it is effortless. That means you not only have access to a wider selection of aerodynamic vehicles, but you also can tow in any weather/conditions and, of critical importance, experience dramatically less driver stress.

Smart Suspension with a properly designed and weighted RV means the ability to hug corners and keep a smooth, safe ride. Add a high-quality fortified braking system, high-quality tires (that are never overloaded), and now you know why the Bowlus delivers the high performance when braking too.

Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about the superior performance of a Bowlus. There is nothing comparable to Bowlus.