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What Really Matters When You’re Buying Your First RV?

What Really Matters When You’re Buying Your First RV?

Are you dreaming about a life filled with adventure? Maybe you’re longing to see Denali, Gros Morne, or Yosemite to experience the natural wonders they offer. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect pied-à-terre on Bainbridge Island or Cape Cod. Then again, why limit yourself? There’s no reason the adventures of your dreams can’t include all the above!

If you’re new to the RV world, one of the first things you’ll learn is that you need something that offers flexibility, performance, and luxury – regardless of your destination. One of the best ways to see North America is by land in a luxury RV that offers you the ability to travel comfortably on your terms.

This is the mission that drives us at Bowlus. When we hand-build our luxury travel trailers, we put your needs first. That means designing an interior that’s cozy yet spacious. It means using top of the line materials and finishes to create an atmosphere that feels like home. It means installing state-of-the-art technology that allows you to stay connected no matter where you are. And it means engineering power management systems that ensure you and your pets are comfortable whether you’re parked off grid for two weeks or relaxing in a luxury RV resort with full hookups.

The result is the best RV on the market.

We often hear from new customers after they’ve purchased their first RV that it’s way too big and hard to handle. While they love camping, they dread the process of getting to their campsite – and the fact that their RV is simply too big for the places they want to go. Others tell us that their first RV is just way too small and there isn’t enough space to take a Zoom call, let alone get a good night’s sleep.

When we introduce them to the amenities, spaciousness, and features of our finely-crafted luxury travel trailers, they always choose a Bowlus as their next RV. Let us show you why a Bowlus should be your first (and only) RV. Schedule an appointment for a Zoom tour or set up a time to meet in person in our showroom.