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What Should You Consider When Buying an RV?

What Should You Consider When Buying an RV?

At Bowlus we’re often asked “what should I consider when buying an RV?” Especially since 90% of our owners have never owned an RV. Even with extensive research, it’s often overwhelming to decide the type and brand of RV that’s right for you. In fact, you might not even realize that you’ve made a series of compromises you don’t particularly like until you’ve hitched up or embarked on a series of trips.

At Bowlus we’ve driven and slept in just about every style of RV out there. We’ve covered tens of thousands of miles in every type of weather and camped all across America. We are honored to be your guide; however, we also believe that every one of your experiences should speak directly to you and your desires. Moreover, we respect that a Bowlus may not be right for you and promise to honestly let you know if a Bowlus won’t delight you (and we have done this). However, in five years of production we’ve never had a Bowlus placed for resale, which is a testament to always placing our customers’ interests first.

We believe that adventures are the best prescription to deal with the daily chaos of life. So, as a starting point for you, we’ve compiled a few initial thoughts to mull over as you consider how to create your best adventures. These include everything from issues surrounding drivability to the burgeoning questions you might have such as:

  • What does agility really mean?
  • How is design critical for a better night’s sleep?
  • Why should hitching not make you cry?
  • Why do fit and finish make life so sweet?
  • How can traveling with your pet be a joy?
  • Oh, and one of our favorites, “I’d love to go camping, but I hate the idea of staying at a RV park—what are my options?”

If you have a question you’d like us to address, let us know. We take abundant pleasure in your unique experiences as we truly savor a story well-shared.

Geneva Long