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When You Really Want To Be In Hot Water

When You Really Want To Be In Hot Water

Integrated hot water heaters are essential for modern RVers. Who wants to wait a half hour or more for the water to heat up when you’re ready to wash away the day’s adventures? Whether you’ve been on dawn patrol with your longboard or tackled a hike through the woods, the integrated hot water heater in every Bowlus stands ready to quickly provide you with a refreshing shower on your own terms.

We design and build our luxury travel trailers so that you can focus on your adventures, not the mechanics of camping. Every addition to the Bowlus is carefully thought through, and the integrated hot water heating is a perfect example of how our attention to detail creates a luxurious camping experience.

Our integrated hot water system is so intelligent that it heats the water, the interior and the floors of your Bowlus. Simply use the control panel to tell the system you need hot water for your shower, and the water is automatically heated. This process, which takes around 10 minutes, is environmentally friendly in several ways.

First, you won’t waste energy trying to maintain a tank full of hot water like you would with a traditional water heater. This is perfect if you’re off-grid and want to conserve your battery power or propane for other essentials.

Second, our design also helps you conserve water, which means that you can extend your off-grid adventures for even longer. With an integrated hot water system, you can say goodbye to water just going down the drain while you’re waiting for it to get up to temperature.

Most importantly, you’ll travel on your terms with an integrated hot water system. Whether you’re off-grid or on, you can enjoy a luxurious Bowlus spa-like shower whenever you want.