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Why Aerodynamics Are Key to the Future of RVing

Why Aerodynamics Are Key to the Future of RVing

The next time you drive down the road or through your favorite campground, look at the RVs around you. You’re bound to see aftermarket wind deflectors, sleek-looking vent covers, and low-profile antennas that folks have added to help improve the gas mileage of their tow vehicle.

But, the fact is that nothing you add to a heavy, boxy, or toaster-shaped RV will have any consequential impact on your tow vehicle’s mileage. Why? Because mileage is all about weight and aerodynamics.

Most RVs are rectangular shapes with flat sides, flat ends, and a ton of stuff on the roof. They also weigh 5,000 to 10,000 plus pounds. Between the drag created by the RV’s design and the weight of the travel trailer, your tow vehicle’s engine has to work hard to move you down the road – which means you’re burning through fuel (or range). It also makes towing with an EV any distance unfeasible.

If you really care about mileage and range, then you need to select an RV for its shape and weight. Weighing in at a mere 3,250 pounds, the Volterra is the most aerodynamic, lightweight luxury travel trailer in the world. The best part is along with the Volterra you can easily tow any Bowlus with a small SUV – including many electric models.

When looking at the Bowlus shape, you can see how it mimics that of an airplane fuselage, so it moves with little resistance. Another way to think about the Bowlus shape is that of a raindrop as it moves through space. That’s why the front of the Bowlus is curved in two dimensions to move easily through the air. Then the back tapers to infinity like the tail of a raindrop, so there is little wind resistance. We also made sure what is found on the roof is tapered and shaped to reinforce the natural curve.

The result is a luxury travel trailer that maximizes the range or mileage of your tow vehicle while also providing best-in-class handling in any driving or weather conditions. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our incredibly knowledgeable sales team.