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Why Aerodynamics Matter

Why Aerodynamics Matter

With gas prices on the rise, having an aerodynamic RV is more important than ever. There’s a science to managing the way air moves around your SUV and travel trailer as you roll down the road. This science often involves wind tunnels and complex math, but the concept is pretty simple. The fewer disruptions in air flow, the more aerodynamic your RV is and the more miles you can travel before you need to refuel or recharge your tow vehicle.

It’s pretty clear from your first glimpse of a Bowlus that aerodynamics is critical to us. First, take a look at the overall shape of the Bowlus – we use curves because they create significantly less drag than the box-shaped designs you see on most travel trailers and motorhomes.

Speaking of shape, we occasionally get emails or texts asking if the tail of the Bowlus should be at the front. If you think about how raindrops fall through the sky – the largest surface area is in the front with the tail following behind. Nature got it right and that’s why the trademarked Bowlus shape gives us aerodynamics that can’t be beat.

Now, take a look at the roof of a Bowlus. What’s missing? That’s right! There is no roof mounted air conditioner on any Bowlus model. Why ruin the most aerodynamically shaped RV in the industry by sticking a big box on the roof that will disrupt airflow and create drag? We’ve placed our RV AC unit low within the Bowlus shell to maximize aerodynamics. We’ve also eliminated drag by ensuring the fenders on our luxury travel trailers are flush with the sides.

Finally, the Bowlus’ shiny aluminum shell provides more than a head-turning look to our RVs. Our use of aircraft grade aluminum reduces “skin friction” and is yet another secret to our best in class aerodynamics.

And here’s the proof. In testing, we found that towing a Bowlus results in a loss of just 1-2 miles per gallon on most gas powered luxury SUVs. EV’s typically achieve 70% of their typical range when towing a Bowlus. Those are figures that no other RV manufacturer can beat!

By meticulously managing the shape, the design, and the skin of the Bowlus, we’ve created the most aerodynamic luxury travel trailer in the world – and that’s just one of the reasons our customers love traveling with their Bowlus.