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The Worst RV Problems You’ll Never Have To Deal With If You Have A Bowlus®

The Worst RV Problems You’ll Never Have To Deal With If You Have A Bowlus®

Van conversions began their rise in popularity as campers when the second generation of Sprinter Vans entered the United States market in 2010. With the newfound ability to fully stand and a price point that was attractive to do-it-yourselfers, the van life movement was founded. Van life rose in popularity along with Instagram with what seemed was an endless run of what was often referred to as “van porn” of beautiful young couples and their van conversions. Soon it seemed every company was making sprinter van conversions, however by the summer of 2019, sales began to wane severely. Often the question was asked why? This blog post will help explore why the Bowlus proved superior to van conversion and small motorhomes. The finding reflects interviews done with former van or small motorhome owners who sold their units to purchase a Bowlus.

The first significant issue noted with small motorhomes or van conversions was simply their inconvenience. Van and small motorhome owners never realized they would have to pack up their vehicles every time they wanted to go anywhere, like pick up a loaf of bread or a bottle of wine. They all really appreciate the Bowlus convenience since it takes less than 2 minutes to hitch and unhitch so they could quickly set up camp and then run off for an errand. As one owner commented, “It made our lives a snap, and we no longer felt frustrated or had the need to be super organized.” What one couple found even more maddening owning a van conversion was a few times when they returned from their errand, and their campsite was snagged while they were gone! With a Bowlus, that is never a problem.

Everyone commented that they quickly hated the space layout of their van conversion or small motorhome. As one couple commented, “We really couldn’t sleep in such a small bed.” Another said that crawling over each other in the middle of the night led them to feeling like they were “too sleep deprived and exhausted to enjoy ourselves.” A third said a van conversion is “perfect for a single or a very young couple madly in love and never had to do actual work.” Another joked they felt “they needed to step outside even to change their minds.” Perhaps an old joke, but all agreed the Bowlus with its true king bed or two great twin beds (depending on set up) had given them the gift of consistent great night sleep. Beds in van conversions, motorhomes, and even travel trailers often cheat both the size and quality of their mattresses. The Bowlus mattress is of the highest quality and really a true king bed size – 6’7” long. All van conversion and small motorhome owners commented they hated the idea of having to make up their beds every time to sleep or to perform an assortment of maneuvers to put the beds in place. An additional complaint was that the quality of RV bedding was incredibly poor. Every Bowlus comes with the best linen sheets in the world. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With GOTS certification, you know you are sleeping on the best linens in the world and will love how they are waiting for you for a quick nap or a full night of sleep.

These are just a few reasons why a Bowlus outperforms a van conversion or small motorhomes. We look forward to continuing the conversation.