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Why can’t you rent a Bowlus?

Why can’t you rent a Bowlus?

Probably no other manufacturer has converted more people to the luxury land travel experience than Bowlus. So, it’s no surprise when we hear the question, “Can I rent a Bowlus before I buy?” We get it, you might not be sure you’ll love this new travel experience, and you’d like to try it on. Maybe a spouse or a partner isn’t sold, and we get that too. (Plot spoiler, they are usually the biggest bandwagon jumpers upon delivery). However, we can guarantee that we won’t ever be in the rental business because we know the industry we are in, and we are manufacturers.

As you can imagine or may know, the ability to manage a manufacturing facility has little to do with a rental business. The Bowlus teams that serve you have deep roots in their skills sets. Our skills are in bending metal with two thousand of an inch accuracy, installing complex electrical systems we have designed, managing complex manufacturing processes (yes, we manufacture over 70% of the Bowlus, so we aren’t “assemblers” like the rest of RV industry) and ensuring your Bowlus order flows through production at our ridiculously high standards and on schedule. The truth is we happen to love manufacturing (and we happen to be very good at it) so opening a side-car business of rentals just doesn’t appeal. Interestingly, not one reputable RV manufacturer has excelled in the rental RV business, although a few have tried along with retired RV CEOs.

So maybe what you’re asking is, what’s right for me? First, consider if RVing is something that will add to what you’re looking for in your life, whether it is adventure, fun, giggles, rest, or just a little spontaneity, then it’s the right thing to do. If you love beautifully designed and executed objects that make your adventurers easier and more enjoyable? Then the Bowlus is right for you.

If you’re interested in securing your Bowlus, please reach out to our sales team. They are experts at ensuring the Bowlus is perfect for you.

Adventure On!