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Why Does Bowlus Continue to Lead the RV industry?

Why Does Bowlus Continue to Lead the RV industry?

Someone asked us the other day – how is it that Bowlus continues to lead the RV industry when so many other manufacturers are on the decline? The answer is pretty simple – the relationship that Bowlus has with its customers puts us in the unique position to deliver best in class performance and luxury travel trailers that are exactly what discerning RVers are looking for.

Other RV brands have to guess at what their customers want because the customer relationship is with a dealer network, not the manufacturer. These brands try to appear forward thinking by developing “concept” RVs, but they’re really only doing that to make up for being so out of touch. They invest tons of money in creating their dream RV that may or may not have anything to do with what customers are looking for.

Doesn’t that seem a little backwards?

At Bowlus we think the best place to start is with the customer. Get to know the people buying your product. Learn where they want to go, how they want to travel, which features are important, and which aren’t.

When you start by listening to the customer like we do, you can invest in innovation, developing new technologies, and in the highly skilled artisans who hand build each of our RVs.

Nurturing the customer relationship is one of our top priorities. That’s why when you text, email, Zoom, or meet with us in person, everyone you interact with at Bowlus is a member of the team. We sell our RVs directly to you – no dealer networks are involved. From top to bottom, each of our employees is dedicated to delivering an RV that you and your family will love for generations to come.

The relationship we share with you is so important, we’d never trust an RV dealer to get it right.

At Bowlus, we love to hear from our customers and our potential customers because knowing what you want helps to make every Bowlus better. So what’s on your mind?