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Why Going To An RV Show Isn’t Worth Your Time in 2021 and Beyond

Why Going To An RV Show Isn’t Worth Your Time in 2021 and Beyond

Even when you discount what’s going on in the world, it is easy to come to the conclusion that tromping around an RV show isn’t worth your time anymore. Let’s bust three myths about why people think they are a good idea:

1. You Can See All the RVs you want in one place. Sure, you think you’re saving time and gas as you’ll see lots of different motorhomes, campers, and travel trailers for the price of admission to an RV show that’s not really true. Lots of manufacturers give these shows a pass because they are simply not useful for them. The reality is even if you end up buying one of the “show models,” just realize a hundred if not thousands of people have pulled on the handles, sat on the bed, attempted to use the bathroom. Bowlus doesn’t participate in RV shows because the reality is the long line of people wishing to have a look often means that serious buyers are forced to wait a long period of time to see a Bowlus. For this reason, the best place to see a Bowlus is with our FaceTime or Zoom appointment specialists, where you have a completely private appointment focused on your needs.

2. You can learn a lot more than on the internet. Certainly, this is true for motorhome, travel trailer, and Sprinter van conversion manufacturers that don’t provide detailed information. However, realize that RV shows are often staffed with part-time staff that are not familiar with what’s at the show. As a result, you really won’t learn more than what’s on their website or by dropping by a showroom. Bowlus is transparent with Endless Highways and Performance Edition product information, and it is all available on the website. If you are looking for clarification, there is no need to get in your car. Shoot us an email or give a phone call.

3. There is less pressure to buy at an RV show. Not really, there is more, which is why you should examine the “show specials” carefully. There is a lot of pressure on salespeople to make sure you buy. Your “show special” may not be so “special” when you get it home. Instead, be an educated buyer before you leave home. Understand what you want and what your priorities are. Bowlus has the highest happiest owner rating in the country. One reason for this is that our specialists make sure that no matter what model you are purchasing, whether it is the Endless Highways or Performance Edition, that it is right for you.

As many of the paradigms shift in our lives in 2020, one thing you can be assured of is there is no need to run out to an RV show or for that matter an RV dealership since you can do all your research and enjoy a detailed product experience from the comfort of your home as you work towards your purchasing decision for your Bowlus.