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Why is a Bowlus® Worth Waiting For?

Why is a Bowlus® Worth Waiting For?

Right around this time of year, we get more than a few angry phone calls. These callers mean well, and honestly, we can tell they usually are lovely people. It’s just that they’ve just discovered Bowlus, and they want one today. And they mean TODAY! They really don’t like the idea that a Bowlus is built to order, so they’ll have to wait. We understand their urgency. We know they have an immediate adventure vignette in mind. So we usually start with a conversation about why a Bowlus is worth waiting for. And usually, they agree. After all, quality and performance are so rarely seen in the RV industry that they understand why we won’t change a thing. Why?

When you’re in the made-to-order business, you manage your business differently. Very differently. Maybe it is because a Bowlus does not head to an anonymous RV lot. A Bowlus experience should be so much more personal. So this means for us at Bowlus, we take great care. We take our responsibilities very seriously, from the first cut of an extruded aluminum tube that creates the frame to the final quality control review. For us, it means we keep our promise. To deliver the Bowlus as you expected, when it was promised. Sounds simple? But it requires so much more out of each Bowlus team member. No one would have it any other way.

Production at Bowlus is often like listening to a symphony, where the staccato of the rivet guns grooves to the punch of the bending brakes and whirl of the polishers. This diligent orchestra of individuals who work together seamlessly to make the most incredible RV in the world is supported by a quiet team who works their magic to ensure the music never ends. It’s why we didn’t experience the production and supply shocks that have ravaged our industry. Because running a factory on a continuous build to an ordered production schedule is like nothing else. Sure it requires more discipline and organization, but what we receive in turn is knowing every facet of our work is meaningful. Nothing is wasted, and everything goes into making a very special Bowlus that has been well anticipated and expected for an individual or a family that dreams of traveling on their terms. Quite simply, there is nothing more beautiful than that!