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Why RV Safety Matters To You

Why RV Safety Matters To You

Driving an RV can often be terrifying even for those who are not first-timers. White knuckling it all the way to your campsite can truly take the fun out of things. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you purchase a vehicle, one of the most important considerations is safety. Safety is vital to protect you and your loved ones when you travel. It is important to put this priority first when you choose your RV. Most RVs do not have the same safety standards, and most are not easy to drive.

The Bowlus has superior safety due to its aerodynamic shape, incredibly ultra lightweight aluminum construction (3,000 lbs less) and it’s braking systems. The Bowlus is the easiest to drive full size towable – and the safest.

Here are a few essentials to consider:


Acceleration onto highways can be much slower when towing a heavy travel trailer or driving a motorhome. It is concerning to know that you could be cut off and merging can be dangerous when you can’t build up enough acceleration with even a sprinter van conversion. With a Bowlus, it is so lightweight and aerodynamic that it is incredibly easy to accelerate. We went 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds with a Tesla X towing the Bowlus.


When you are towing or driving a motorhome, it can take you a long time (and distance) to slow down, so you need to be prepared for that and brake much sooner. Taking a long time to come to a complete stop can be dangerous and does not lend itself to defensive driving practices. The Bowlus has an extremely short braking distance because it is lightweight with top quality electric brakes.

Cross Winds

When you are towing a travel trailer or driving a tall motorhome or sprinter van with large flat sides, you should be concerned with experiencing crosswinds. Crosswinds can move the path of your vehicle sideways and can make you “fight” the wind. The Bowlus has an incredibly low center of gravity (while offering the highest clearance) and curved sides meaning that there is minimal flat surface area, so there is much less resistance for the wind to blow at you.

Cell Signal

Most campsites have minimal cell signal, but what if there is a medical emergency. You want to be able to contact the authorities for medical assistance. The Bowlus has a cellular booster and router with GPS tracking, so you are never alone and out of touch. The router can even run on two networks, so you never lose coverage when you most need it.


Most RVs do not have secure locks, and their flimsy, small RV style locks are all keyed similar. That means your neighbor could have the same lock as you. At Bowlus we use the same industrial door deadbolts that are used to secure millions of dollars of inventory. All uniquely keyed and extremely secure.

At Bowlus your safety and security is always of critical importance to us.