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The Perfect Mobile Office

The future of work is remote. According to data analyzed by Global Workplace Analytics, telecommuting has grown by 140% in the past decade. That number accounts for full-time employees only. Remote work is appealing because of the freedom and comfort it allows. You get to choose where you work, when you work andbe honestwhether or not you work in your pajamas. And with great freedom comes endless options. For many of our owners, the Bowlus is the ideal option for a home office: cozy, mobile and a home-unto-itself, it’s everything workers need to make the most of their workday.

“We’re photographers so we’re always using our computers or charging (or streaming something). We had to limit our off grid time with our Airstream. Now we can be “in nature” and have access to everything we need to take the best shots with our Bowlus.” – Bowlus owner. 

It’s important to have a separate space to work within your home. While working in your pajamas is tempting, setting boundaries between “home” and “work” will help you be more productive, according to Harvard Business Review. Unlike many travel trailers, the Bowlus is designed to have a separate bedroom and living room (as opposed to the living room sofa that converts to a bed). In fact, there are privacy doors between each “room” that allow you to block off the Zen-like bedroom when it’s time to get down to work.

The dinette in the living room is the perfect workspace for two, but can comfortably seat up to five for meetings and brainstorming sessions. All Bowlus are conveniently outfitted with charging stations for your tablet, phone and laptop. Bowlus also come complete with a cellular booster, so for as long as you have a bar on your cell phone, taking a conference call is no problemeven if you’re camped out in pristine wilderness. Best of all, you can run your mobile office from highly efficient solar power. The Bowlus’ incredible lithium battery allows you to spend up to a week off grid, but with the addition of solar panels, you could spend an indefinite amount of time in your mobile office without relying on hookups.

The Endless Highways is equipped with a robust router and an antenna prewired on the roof. You can create your own private, exclusive network by connecting to external WiFi or up to two cellular networks. The Endless Highways Editions also has a sofa side table that can accommodate two more (for a total of four workspaces).

The Bowlus has all the conveniences and comforts of a “homebase”: heated floors, hot water, reliable connectivity. The bathroom and kitchen are easily accessible, so you can make a quick pot of coffee or grab a snack at any time. And yet, the Bowlus’ mobility makes it the ideal vehicle for remote work. If you’re a consultant or independent contractor, you can bring your office to clients. If you’re a photographer at a photo shoot, the Bowlus is like an actor’s talent trailer where you can retreat to decompress. Thinking of writing a book? There’s no better place to do so than in your Bowlus. Regardless of your line of work, making the Bowlus your mobile office allows you to mingle work and play, make novelty your muse and start each day with a splendid view.

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