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Why The Bowlus® Toilet Is the Best In the Business

Why The Bowlus® Toilet Is the Best In the Business

When the Wall Street Journal and Forbes say, “you make the best travel trailer in the world,” it is only declared after an extensive review. To give you an idea, Dan Neil spent a full afternoon going over the Bowlus before he called it “The Ultimate Camper”. Despite the fabulous reviews, we find people often want to know more about our “mysterious” cassette toilet. So, let’s outline why the Bowlus is the best in the business (sorry, we just couldn’t resist:).

Now, you might have noticed that RVs typically develop an “odor”. It is contributed by the toilet system and it is quite frankly downright unpleasant. You may have also caught a recent negative review of cassette toilets online, we want to clarify that they are reviewing a “porta-potty” not a “cassette toilet.”

While the reviewers confuse the two systems, at Bowlus, where we live in specifics, with engineering and design focused on delivering a superior experience so it is a critical difference and we wish to explain why. We did extensive R & D when we made the decision to combine a cassette toilet with our special ventilation system. We can go on and on about the improved bowl geometry, seating height (and comfort) as well as a special warning system that tells you when to empty. However, we’re going to focus on the ventilation system that is similar to the activated sludge process used in sewage treatment plants that eliminates odors as something that is really exciting!

Now, if you ask a Bowlus owner or take a deep cleansing breath in an over five-year-old Bowlus, you’ll notice an absence of that “RV odor”. This is because the Bowlus uses a high-performance ventilator so when the toilet valve is open a slight negative pressure is created in the cassette allowing fresh air to be sucked into the system, new gases are removed from the toilet bowl and odors are prevented from escaping from the tank. This increased supply of oxygen uses a precisely coordinated rotational speed and accelerates the decomposition process of the tank contents to such an extent that the use of chemical additives isn’t necessary.

So, when you pull out the cassette (from the outside of the Bowlus) to empty into any toilet (how incredibly convenient and it is designed for no “splash back when emptying into a toilet” — there is no need for a traditional RV “stinky slinky”) the increased supply of oxygen guarantees optimal decomposition so that dumping is easily done with ease and comfort. It’s so simple that you can even use your favorite brand of toilet paper—none of that scratchy RV toilet paper for our Bowlus. So, we ask you to remember that not all toilet systems are created equal.