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Why You Won’t Find A Bowlus At An RV Dealer

Why You Won’t Find A Bowlus At An RV Dealer

When we first started selling the Bowlus, we would get daily inquiries asking which RV dealers were representing us, along with just as frequent calls from RV dealers looking to rep the Bowlus because that’s how one used to buy an RV. Even this week, we’ve had dealer inquiries from Sweden, Texas, and New York because people are trying to keep that business model fresh. However, from day one, we decided to sell direct, and we’re proud it’s just one more innovation where we lead the industry.

So why are we so persnickety no one but Bowlus sells a Bowlus? Well, first, when you build a completely different product, it takes a phenomenal amount of product knowledge, something we didn’t feel was possible in a traditional RV dealer setting, especially when you lead in technical and product innovations. Secondly, when you use products mainly from the yacht and aerospace industries, typical RV knowledge just doesn’t cut it. Thirdly, our owners are smart and incredibly busy. They just don’t have time to cruise around dealerships in hopes of finding something that might appeal to them. They know what they want and like to have their questions answered in detail and promptly.

So we instead created and ensured a process that efficiently provides you all information when you need it. We love it when customers say buying a Bowlus was the most informative and fun buying experience they’ve ever had. Our goal in our sales experience is to delight you because that’s precisely what owning a Bowlus will do.