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Go Winter RV Camping Like A Pro In Your Bowlus®

Go Winter RV Camping Like A Pro In Your Bowlus®

Did you know that many ski hills permit overnight parking and camping very close to the runs? The Bowlus is your perfect ski-in, ski-out chalet. One of our owners is an IKON pass holder. She loves piling her family into the Bowlus and exploring 38 unique destinations. Over spring break, they hit up 3 locations! And parking close by means you can grab the first chair and hit the fresh powder. When you’re done, you can retreat to your Bowlus—talk about the ultimate après ski experience.

However, to fully enjoy off-grid adventures (those without hookups), you need an RV with the battery performance you can count on. 

The ample battery power of the Endless Highways and Endless Highways Performance Edition is critical; You aren’t reliant on camping at campgrounds. Instead, you can enjoy other locations like the ski hill or on a friend’s ranch. In fact, with the Performance Edition, you can go cross country and back on a single charge. That’s up to two weeks without needing to charge up the Bowlus.

The Bowlus battery array is strategically located near a heating unit, which allows the batteries to stay warm and charge quickly in cold conditions.  Additionally, the Bowlus Power Management System is sophisticated and allows you to continue charging and consuming power at low temperatures. Importantly, with power-boosting capabilities, you can have up to 30A inside the Bowlus when you are only plugged into 15A. This extra power allows you to use multiple appliances all at the same time.

We have designed the Bowlus for every season.  Even for those of you who think you’ll never use a Bowlus in the winter, you’ll still find these features beneficial when you’re mountain camping on a super chilly morning. No matter your destination, your Bowlus is ready for anything. Just the comfort we need in these times.