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Winter Camping Series: Handling in Challenging Weather

Winter Camping Series: Handling in Challenging Weather

One aspect of the pandemic we’ve noticed is people are reconsidering their plans for the holiday and winter season. Some are looking to see how the Bowlus can take them to family, or serve as back up “housing”, or help them escape some snow, or get to their favorite slopes next winter. While we all get excited about the destination, we still have to get there.

When considering an RV for winter use, there are four essential factors to research; Drivability, Materials, Braking, and Size & Agility.


The Bowlus handles much better than all other RVs due to a lower center of gravity and an incredibly aerodynamic shape. When it comes to highway speeds, crosswinds, emergency maneuvers, and especially climbing and descending mountains, the Bowlus’s superior handling makes a difference. Think of it as the “sports car” of travel trailers. This becomes even more important in challenging winter driving conditions.


Bowlus uses 2024 T3 exterior aluminum sheets, which are certified for use in aircraft construction. Bowlus rivets are certified aircraft rivets that are only used by Bowlus and aircraft companies. Bowlus’ one-inch rivet spacing is the third key aircraft standard that makes a Bowlus unbelievably “aerospace strong.” The shell’s superior strength is why Bowlus owners do not fear hailstorms as Airstream owners do. Similar to modern automobiles from luxury manufacturers like Jaguar, Audi, and Tesla, the advanced Bowlus space frame is welded from a 6061 aluminum tube. It is fabricated on an exact jig that holds very tight tolerances. All interior subframes are also fabricated out of an aluminum tube for lightness and strength. The use of aluminum means no rust will weaken the frame and eat away at your investment. 


A Bowlus has a shorter braking distance due to its lightweight design and the braking system. Braking is essential both in emergencies, challenging weather, and when descending mountains. Bowlus uses a wireless brake controller that easily allows the brake controller to be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. In other words, it does not need to be “hardwired” into the tow vehicle. This means even if you change tow vehicles, the Bowlus brakes will still work for you. 

Size & Agility

A Bowlus is agile in every driving situation. It can make a U-turn on a two-lane road, and you can pull it through most drive-throughs. The Bowlus can go everywhere your tow vehicle can go since it is the same width and clearance as most tow vehicles. You can take it to the shopping center for groceries and park in two tandem, face-to-face parking spots with ease (even if cars are parked on either side). Additionally, the Bowlus is easily towed with 4WD SUVs, and towing a travel trailer out of a parking space after being “snowed-in” is much easier when it’s lightweight like the Bowlus..

Please let us know if you have any questions about why the Bowlus is the best handling RV. Bowlus adventures don’t stop when the weather kicks up. The Bowlus stands as your trusted shield for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.