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Winter Camping Series: Say goodbye to popsicle toes!

Winter Camping Series: Say goodbye to popsicle toes!

Don’t you just hate cold feet and toes? Me too!

Growing up in Canada meant we are quite familiar with this feeling – and will go to just about any lengths to avoid it. So when we designed the Bowlus, we knew it had to offer supreme comfort in every season. So how do we manage to keep everyone happy no matter what is thrown our way?

The answer starts with the Bowlus heating system. It is silent and robust. It delivers even heat throughout the Bowlus using hydronic heat and is programmable so it can turn on before coffee or prior to your return from a hike.  It is incredibly efficient and works on either propane or 120V electric. This means you’re not tied to an RV park, so you have the freedom to spend your nights in fantastic off grid-locations truly enjoying the great outdoors. 

The Bowlus quiet heater distributes heat evenly throughout the Bowlus with eight radiators. The 12V electrical part of the heating system takes only 1.9A/hr, which means it can run over a month in the Endless Highways Performance Edition. To put this in perspective, most other RVs can only run their heating for about 12 hours when off-grid.

This technology also allows the Bowlus to warm our incredible signature radiant heated floors. To augment this even further, we have two specialized fan-driven radiators. One strategically placed to warm your toes as you stretch out for a nap after you return after a day on the slopes and another to warm the bathroom so you’ll step out of the shower in comfort.  Yes, we do think of everything at Bowlus.