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Winter Camping Series: The Perfect Après-Ski Chalet

Winter Camping Series: The Perfect Après-Ski Chalet

There is something truly magical about a Bowlus in the winter. The idea that you can have a long hot shower after a day on the slopes is just one feature that makes the Bowlus incredibly unique. Due to the true monocoque design and fantastic heating system, you can enjoy the full freshwater and plumbing capabilities in subfreezing temperatures since all of your hoses are tucked safely inside the shell. 

The Bowlus also comes with a very efficient water heater system that is built into the heating system. The heating/hot water system works from either propane or 120V or both at the same time. The hot water components provide endless hot water through a sophisticated pre-heating system. So go ahead and enjoy luxurious, 30-minute hot water showers off-grid – or up to an hour with full hook-ups. To put this in perspective, you could expect maybe a 6-minute hot shower in other RVs.

In terms of the toilet, the Bowlus cassette system can be quickly and hygienically emptied at any toilet or washroom. It’s easy to carry and empty, even when full. Even after years of use, there is none of the disgusting “RV odor.” Other RVs require a dump station and the dreaded “stinky slinky.”

Often when you are exploring during the winter, many campsites and dump stations are closed, leaving traditional RV owners with no way to empty their black water tank. However, because a Bowlus cassette can be emptied at any toilet or washroom, this is never a concern. 

Whether you are heading from Chicago to Arizona for a few weeks of the Sedona sunrises in January, or to Idaho for Christmas, your Bowlus stands ready to ensure you are comfortable no matter the weather. It’s really no surprise the Bowlus is referred to as the Four Seasons Hotel on wheels.