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4 Immersive Food & Farm Tours

4 Immersive Food & Farm Tours

Nothing quite brings people together like food and travel. Combine those, and you have a recipe for real connection. As a result, food-and-drink-inspired adventures have a special place in our heart. This week we’re taking a look at five truly unique “farm tour” experiences to pair with your Bowlus.

Moss Mountain Farm, Arkansas

Moss Mountain Farm is the Arkansas estate of landscape design expert and television host P. Allen Smith. He’s opened his home to the public. You can visit his vegetable garden, vibrant flower gardens, terraced gardens and many animals.

Smith has a gift for intertwining home and garden, as well as a passion for conservation. As a result, the guided tours often include a lunch chosen from Smith’s favorite earth-friendly recipes. Enjoy garden-inspired salads and seasonal dishes like buttermilk pecan pies with homemade whipped cream.

After an uplifting day at the Farm, you can retreat to the luxury of your Bowlus, perhaps with some fresh-picked veggies in hand for dinner (U-pick farms abound in Arkansas!). Cooking on the Bowlus’ dual burners is a treat, and we love incorporating local ingredients into our meals. We highly recommend camping at the stunning Maumelle Park. Snag a waterfront spot if you can. A web of hiking trails and bike paths are available for your enjoyment, as are gorgeous views of the Arkansas River.

The Living Farm, Colorado

The Cafe at the Living Farm calls itself “the ultimate farm to table restaurant,” and for good reason. The 132-acre farm has everything from GMO-free grains, a solar heated greenhouse, pastured lands for animals and exciting events like garden shows and workshops.

Everything they do is to promote an “organic lifestyle,” including their on-site restaurant. The menu features farm-fresh produce, organic meat and locally-sourced cheese and eggs. Enjoy a special day full of education and exploration, and then head over to Cottonwood Grove Campground for a delightful off gridding experience. Nestled in a grove of cottonwood trees, it’s the perfect place for a Bowlus. Scenic, secluded, special. And with a battery system that can last off grid for 4-7 days depending on your model, you can make the most of this unique location. Enjoy the toastiness of heated floors. With the Endless Highways, you don’t even need hookups to enjoy four hours of A/C!

Flavors of West Marin, California

Ready for an exceptional taste of Point Reyes? This epicurean tour will take you to seven food producers for a truly local experience. Sparkling honey wine. Wood-fired breads. BBQ oysters. You’ll enjoy everything from the famous cheese of Cowgirl Creamery to the water buffalo gelato of Marin Sun Farms. The tour’s owners are passionate about sustainability and organic food, so every place you visit contributes to a healthy food system and vibrant community. When you’ve had your fill, retreat back to the majestic redwoods of Samuel P. Taylor State Park. There are some great trails in the Park, so be sure to bring your mountain bikes along. They’re easy to store with our Bowlus’ lashing points!

Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm, Minnesota

Founded by a couple on a quest to share a special outdoor experience and grow agritourism in Waseca, Minnesota, the Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm brings together great company, amazing music and, of course, pizza. It’s a special dining experience. While there are a plethora of pizza possibilities, you’ll need to bring your own dining essentials–it’s a picnic! Pack the utensils, beverages and a table of blanket. This is so easy to do with a Bowlus, which has a kitchen, fridge and even an outdoor table. Explore the farm, listen to live music and enjoy brick oven pizzas made with farm-fresh ingredients.

Riverview Campground is just twenty minutes away and lives up to its name. It’s tucked right alongside the flowing Straight River and has full hookups. There are plenty of amenities, but you won’t need them. The Bowlus features a luxurious teak bathroom (and, for those with the Endless Highways, endless hot water!).

Travel should empower you to go where you please and guide you to the unique experiences you crave. Too often, this isn’t the case. Poor craftsmanship can limit the quality of your adventures. If you’re going to invest in an RV, you deserve something artisan-crafted that will last for a lifetime.

This is why we created the Bowlus. Whether your trip is thoughtfully planned or simply spontaneous, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a Bowlus, you can experience all our stunning country has to offer without ever leaving the comfort and luxury of home. Whether you love roughing it off grid or relaxing in at a farm with a glass of wine in hand, the Bowlus is the perfect guide to your best adventures yet.