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4 Relaxing Retreats with Your Bowlus®

4 Relaxing Retreats with Your Bowlus®

Adventure. It brings to mind excitement, thrill. But that’s not all adventure is. It comes from the Latin word advenire, which means “to arrive, to reach.” Discovery is implied. A journey is promised. And yet, the destination isn’t always physical; the journey isn’t always outward. At Bowlus, we know that the word “adventure” can refer to an exciting experience or a relaxing retreat. It’s why we designed the Bowlus to be the world’s best off grid vehicle and a mobile sanctuary. One of our owners said it best:

“Of course, enjoying beautiful places is at the top of our list, but even stopping at a rest stop is a treat when you can pull the curtains, take a luxurious nap in incredible linens and make a cup of tea in your very own serene space. The silently heated floors are so decadent we find ourselves feeling a bit guilty to be so comfortable out in the middle of nowhere. A friend calls our Bowlus the Ritz Carlton on wheels.” – Bowlus owner. 

In honor of the oxymoron “serene adventure,” here are four relaxing Bowlus trips to soothe and stimulate:

Spirit Rock Meditation Center | California

Spirit Rock Meditation Center was founded by world-renowned teacher Jack Kornfield. He embodies both kinds of adventure: ordained as a Buddhist monk in Southeast Asia, he’s been teaching meditation internationally for 45 yearsand is know for a love of hang gliding and paragliding. You can attend a drop-in meditation class or weekly programs that feature unique speakers.

Spirit Rock also offers week-long, non-residential meditation retreats, and the Bowlus is the perfect companion. After a day of relaxing meditation and dharma talks, you can retreat to the Samuel P. Taylor State Park only 15 minutes away. Enjoy the calm and content of nature, cook up a nourishing dinner in the galley and snuggle down in the Libeco linens of your Zen-like bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Ojo Caliente Mineral Spa | New Mexico

One of the oldest spas in the country, this historical gem is famous for its natural, sulfur-free, mineral-rich hot springs. The refuge is complete with a eucalyptus steam room, sauna, mud pool and an extensive menu of natural spa treatments. There’s certainly no shortage of activity: with over 1,000 acres of natural beauty, Ojo Caliente offers everything from yoga classes and biking to birding and insight gardening. Best of all, you can camp on-property with the Bowlus, under the cottonwoods! Electrical hookups are included, so you can further indulge in heated floors and a shower with endless hot water.

“I was a total newbie at towing anything but quickly adapted to driving with the Bowlus. You really do almost forget it’s there. The first day out we encountered some gusty side winds, and the Bowlus was unfazed so I was at ease. When traveling the size and maneuverability lets us stop pretty much anywhere we would like to. It really is so easy to hitch. I’m not a big person and have easily hitched and unhitched it by myself with ease. Even took a solo retreat to a Scandinavian spa in Whistler, B.C” – Bowlus owner. 

Shoshoni Yoga Retreats | Colorado

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Boulder, Shoshoni began as a humble vegetarian restaurant and bakery. So, it’s no surprise that attendees rave about the food. The overnight retreats include guided meditations, yoga, an art program and three meals made with the sanctuary’s own produce. Electrical and water hookups are available on-site, so you can enjoy the hot tub, sauna and splendid hiking without a drive. You can even even book private classes in meditation, yoga and cooking.

Mii Amo | Arizona

Voted #1 Domestic Destination Spa in Travel + Leisure’s 2018 World’s Best Awards, Mii Amo is located just outside of the enchanting desert mecca of Sedona. Enjoy mindfulness treatments, Native American therapies, fitness programs, yoga classes and guided meditations, all paired with the area’s signature red rock vistas. Grab a bite at the garden-fresh Mii Amo Cafe for the full mind-body-spirit experience. You can camp 20 minutes away at Coconino National Forest and marvel at the forest’s rich natural repertoire; it is especially diverse, spanning across pinewood forest, alpine tundra and iconic southwestern desert. 

With its elegant but minimalist interior, heated floors, spacious floor plan and Zen-like master bedroom, the Bowlus is a relaxing retreat unto itself. The industry’s most powerful lithium batteries allow owners to stay off grid for up to a week. Combined with uncompromising luxury craftsmanship, you can see why the Bowlus is the ultimate ally in adventure: it’s as well-suited to rugged outdoor recreation as it is to a rejuvenating escape. Ready to journey inward? Contact Us.