A Day Off Grid in Inyo National Forest

A Day Off Grid in Inyo National Forest

As the hustle and bustle of another week disappears in the rear-view mirror, we relish that rising feeling of adventure as we head toward Inyo National Forest. As the landscape opens so does our minds to a new world of possibilities.

The Bowlus’ exceptional and unmatched off grid performance allows us to access the perfect camping spot right “in” nature. What’s our plan? Hang a left at the only traffic light in Lone Pine, and head into the wilderness towards the Alabama Hills. This Bureau of Land Management site makes us feel free, oh so alone and so good. Completely surrounded in nature, it is so cool how the Bowlus’ 2024 T3 exterior perfectly mirror our surroundings, blending us deeper into the landscape. We take note to tread lightly and carefully so as to leave no trace of our temporary inhabitance so this amazing location feels untouched for the next adventurer.

The first rays of the next day’s light allow us to set our intention over our morning latte for a beautiful day of adventure and gratitude as we embark upon a 5.5 mile round trip hike up the Whitney Portal Trail to Lone Pine Lake. Our eagerness to be part an early hike makes us pleased that unhitching the Bowlus is simple and takes less than a couple minutes. In no time we’re bound for the Whitney Portal Trail fresh and stress free for a day of exercise and pure joy.

Hiking Mt Whitney is a glorious reminder of the beauty of the great outdoors, the scene is worthy of a postcard, and the wonder of the lake never fails to take our breath away. If fishing is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. Lone Pine Lake offers spectacular rainbow trout.  Don’t forget to book your fishing license online or you can be like us and grab it in the comfort of your WIFI enabled Bowlus.

As dusk descends, our growling stomachs draw us back to the comforts of our mobile retreat. The Bowlus supports the ultimate meal, either prepping for campsite cooking the catch of the day over a fire ring (note: fire permit needed) or on indoors on your Euro styled Bowlus cooktop.

We wrap the evening cuddling in blankets indulging in the clear night sky. Using our Skyview Lite app, we stargaze our way through constellations, twinkling (now named) stars and think how it is truly a wonder how the endless uninterrupted skies make us feel so connected to the world.

Another perfect day off grid. We’re dreaming of returning for an entire week of glorious personal recharging (all off grid, Bowlus style of course).

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