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Are you ready for Thankscamping?

Are you ready for Thankscamping?

Spending Thanksgiving on a Bowlus® adventure provides ample opportunities to honor the spirit of appreciation that’s the heart of the holiday. Although we always enjoy epic meals, insane game nights, and amazing hikes, the simplicity of being away from extraneous frills and trimmings allows us clarity and time to reflect on the essence of gratitude.

How can we ensure our loved ones feel honored on this special day? Recall how a meaningful compliment opens a soul to deeper connections. Kind words put minds at ease and allow us to hope. Take time to listen. Share. Connect. We all have a deep need to be attached to friends and family, and we all want to be heard, so don’t rush these moments.

Vow to be thoughtful all weekend. Revel in the goodness that being thankful brings. Maybe it’s as simple as renewing or deepening a connection with a friend. Perhaps you’ll relax with a perfect latte in bed or celebrate some good news that opened your thinking to what’s possible. Don’t rush the goodness. Enjoy. Then ask, “Is there something we can do to share it?” Maybe that action will be as simple as picking up some litter from around the travel trailer or taking time to savor a slice of pumpkin pie with a loved one or helping out those in need. When we breath in and appreciate all we have, the reward of gratitude can make us feel even happier. How awesome is that? We hope you’ll join us this weekend in practicing gratitude. Imagine what we can create.