The Ultimate Luxury Travel Trailer

Introducing Bowlus

The Bowlus embodies the ultimate performance, technology and luxury in the perfect adventure-ready RV. With an iconic heritage of innovation as the original aluminum travel trailer, the Bowlus is the top choice for modern adventurers, land travelers, and camping enthusiasts for all seasons.

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Unmatched Driveability

Towing the most aerodynamic and lightweight RV in the world…is like towing air. Hitch it up in under 60 seconds, and pull it with your electric vehicle or luxury SUV.

Designed to Perform

Enjoy two weeks off-grid in any season with all the conveniences of home, including air conditioning, heated floors, purified water and air and high-speed internet connectivity.

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Exquisite Craftsmanship

A Bowlus is more than a travel trailer. It’s a work of art, hand-made exclusively by highly skilled craftspeople in California. It’s the only RV that features a monocoque design like you would find in an aircraft or supercar.

Luxury Comfort

Bask in a large shower with unlimited hot water, relax on a king-size bed with artisanal linen sheets, and dine in style at a full-size table. To personalize your Bowlus even further, choose from over fifty-six million possible interior color and material combinations.

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Unparalleled Ownership Experience

Begin your Bowlus journey through a virtual sales experience or in-person tour with one of our expert sales staff. Your Bowlus is delivered to your home or office, and a dedicated support team is available to you through all your adventures.


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