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Why Bowlus

Bowlus embodies the ultimate in performance, technology, and luxury as the perfect adventure-ready RV. Bowlus has led the RV industry for over a decade in user experience, technology, and comfort innovations that speak to a holistic RVing experience. Bowlus is the only choice for modern adventurers, land travelers, and camping enthusiasts for all seasons. While the Bowlus legacy and shape are unique, our user-centered design and quality build protocols are also unmatched in the RV industry. We encourage you to learn why nothing compares to a Bowlus.

Designed to Perform

The foundation of the Bowlus performance begins with the fully monocoque frame. The unique and distinctive shape is the foundation of the Bowlus DNA, making it incredibly light and dramatically more robust than a typical RV frame. The Bowlus shape is created and trademarked exclusively by us and is just one example of our innovative design and technical expertise, which elevates every Bowlus adventure.

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Unmatched Driveability

The Bowlus shape delivers unrivaled driveability. With the unparalleled Bowlus aerodynamics and light weight supporting your adventures, you can hitch in less than 60 seconds. Enjoy clear sightlines and the safest and easiest handling in all weather and driving conditions. With a Bowlus, you can access the widest selection of electric vehicles, SUVs, and crossovers for ultimate driving and camping enjoyment. No other full-length towable offers this level of drivability and comfort.

The Ultimate Floor Plan

The Bowlus floor plan is unique to the industry because of our trademarked front door. The Bowlus design allows for large items like boards and kayaks to be stored inside, and our front porch design provides a safe and convenient entry when your hands may be busy with children, pets, or groceries. More importantly, the design allows for a greater use of space. You'll feel like you're in a more extensive RV due to a private bedroom, ample storage, and a well-appointed ensuite while accessing national parks and other destinations that are usually off-limits to large RVs with these features due to size and weight restrictions.

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True Lightness Matters

We often believe that bigger is better; however, that's not true in RVs because buying the right size is critical to your enjoyment. While at first thought you may want every convenience, you must consider your use case and realize that bigger will restrict the pleasure of your trips. Weight and size add to driver fatigue, decrease your comfort traveling off the grid, and limit your tow vehicle selection, dramatically impacting range and MPG. We create adventure vehicles that are fun, easy, and enjoyable. A Bowlus minimally negatively affects MPG and consistently achieves over 73% of range on tested EVs when towing. Weight and length impact everything you can (and can't do) with an RV, so enjoy all the lightness and pleasure that only a Bowlus delivers.

Bowlus Quality

In an industry that uses all the same parts, Bowlus stands out. We manufacture 70 percent of our parts ourselves (not by a third party, nor in another country), so they can be Bowlus-centric, resulting in the highest quality of design integration and outstanding fit and finish. What we source hails from the nautical world, where a higher quality standard exists. We also run a comprehensive quality control program. Every production gate has its quality sign-offs for every Bowlus that passes through the line, and we also perform an exhaustive 252-point final inspection along with a test drive on every Bowlus. We've been delivering Bowlus to our owners for a decade because our trusted reputation for quality is just that good. Our owners are always delighted with the care we take to deliver them the very best in the industry. Bowlus quality is unmatched in the RV industry.

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Technology for Peak Performance

Bowlus is the first RV company to build and deliver fully electric RVs. Our foundational focus on weight and aerodynamics meant we could create the Bowlus Power Management System to offer the most robust and sophisticated lithium-iron-phosphate power system years before anyone else. At Bowlus, it isn't a race for technology for technology's sake, but rather to provide the ultimate in land travel experiences like the ability to enjoy the pleasures of air conditioning during a remote video conference or the ultimate refreshing nap during a rest stop. That's what we call Bowlus luxury.

Bowlus truly understands usability. It's not about a race for the heaviest RV with the most batteries, more gadgets, and the biggest TV. It's about designing to optimize your experience. You can always count on intelligent design consciously engineered to ensure your Bowlus offers you the best performance everywhere.

Luxury Comfort

Bask in a relaxing hot shower, sleep well on a superb king-size bed, or dine in style at a full-size table. The list of comforts goes on and on. We design for a level of comfort that many call luxury. At Bowlus, we call it essential to ensure an outstanding experience. To further personalize your Bowlus, use the Bowlus configurator to craft a Bowlus that reflects your style.

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Unparalleled Ownership Experience

Begin your Bowlus journey through a virtual sales experience or in-person tour. Feel supported by a dedicated knowledge support team and service network.

Private Company

Today, almost every RV company is part of a publicly traded company, resulting in a hyper-corporate focus on return to shareholders at the expense of customer's needs. That's why we find it a considerable advantage as privately held. It allows us the flexibility in creating products centered on performance, quality, and our customers. Our record of innovations is, at its core, about building your lifetime Bowlus memories. This approach of putting our work first to support your adventures ensures our customers have a better experience with a Bowlus than any other RV. It also means we design and execute to protect your Bowlus investment, something publicly traded RV companies don't do. As the original riveted aluminum travel trailer, we take a profound responsibility for our legacy, one that lives through your adventures.

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