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Is It Time To Consider A Digital Detox?

Is It Time To Consider A Digital Detox?

One thing we love about running a business in California is that we can experience life at the cutting edge of micro trends. Yes, some may initially seem a little insane, like how you can be literally swimming in colorful sprinkles in a warehouse in LA at a pop-up called the Museum of Ice Cream one week, to then reading a few months later how these trendsetters have pivoted their concept to eight flavors of ice cream that you can pick up at Target?! California culture loves what’s next. We believe trends that challenge the status quo, more often than not, change our lives for the better.

When we first brought out the Bowlus® five years ago, there were no permanent TV screens (there still aren’t). The “Big RV” industry said trailers without TV screens would never sell. But we believed differently. We wanted your adventures to begin with you. We knew streaming was where it would be and we wanted you to have the choice to skip it or enjoy it with a late-night streaming party in your Bowlus®. What mattered was watching TV on your terms.

Soon you’ll see every RV littered with “smart” technology. It’s the stuff we’ve been doing since our inception. While we agree there are many wonderful things about modern technology, there are also a lot of things wrong with it too. Like how screens can interfere with the production of melatonin or how social media can make us less happy, not to mention – in this insanely large country of ours, there are still a lot of black holes with poor connectivity. Do you really want your awning not to work just because you’ve decided to visit Green Bank, West Virginia – a town smack in the middle of the National Radio Quiet Zone? Without enough power to run all those bells and whistles they are just lipstick on a pig, which is why our power systems are significant.

So, we are going to be so bold as to say that this “smart” technology is so yesterday. Instead, we’re honored to be your leader in thoughtful technology when you travel. It’s not about tech for tech’s sake. It is technology that makes your life better. It supports you, how you want to be. Like charging stations that charge and hide away your devices so that you can be more focused on an epic game of backgammon. Like heated floors on those chilly evenings. Like how more phone signal inside your Bowlus® means you can make that confidential call from your getaway location. Or how your tech charges while you drive, so it’s ready when you want it. But more often than not, when you’re away from everyday life, you want all of this tech to drift into the background, which is why we support the idea of a digital detox, allowing you to focus on the moments during your adventures.

We have noticed our adventures feel more satisfying when we enjoy more physical activities and cut back on technology. Now, we aren’t suggesting you abstain entirely. Just choose a spot on the disconnection spectrum that works for you when you’re away. Maybe it’s turning off those annoying Pavlovian pings. Maybe it’s scheduling check-ins instead of finding yourself huddling over your device waiting for an email. Focusing on the intention of your trip, and not the annoying interferences, will ensure that you return home ready to take on what life hurls your way.