Bowlus Volterra

The Bowlus Story

Bowlus has the most iconic story in the RV industry as the original riveted aluminum travel trailer. The story spans nine decades, capturing the nation's imagination for land travel. It would have resided in the history books and a few handfuls of collectors had it not been for the vision over a decade ago by the ownership group led by Geneva Long.

When the group began looking to develop an RV, they knew they had found something special in the shape of the Bowlus. They envisioned upgrading the form with an entirely aluminum, fully monocoque frame that would provide the lightness they sought as one of their core tenets for a fully sustainable RVing future. They wanted to create an RV, allowing people to travel on their terms. Whether that meant campgrounds, off-grid, working while away, or traveling with family and pets. They wanted to create an RV that was fun and easy to use and set the standard for quality.

Hawley Bowlus designed and built the first riveted aluminum travel trailer in 1934. Hawley was known for creating the Spirit of St. Louis among numerous aerospace firsts. For his time, the Bowlus enjoyed luxurious finishes and found homes with Hollywood and business elite. The Bowlus inspired more than a dozen copycats, but none could ever match the superiority of the design and function.

While Bowlus was the most advanced and luxurious travel trailer at its inception, Geneva and her team envisioned the future as the most innovative travel trailer towed by an assortment of emerging EVs and smaller traditional vehicles that would be the first electric RV in the world for a luxurious and sustainable RVing experience.

Today's Bowlus leads the RVing industry with an impressive list of innovations, including the first production of all-electric RVs. Bowlus focuses on building the very best RV for your adventuring pleasure.

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