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Business Highlight: Delivered Directly To You

Business Highlight: Delivered Directly To You

Over a year and a half into the pandemic, no one thinks twice about what’s getting delivered to their door.

But in the early years, our owners were a little surprised and still remain tickled pink how we managed to deliver their Bowlus to their home or office almost always within a specific delivery window – assuming the weather and traffic gods are operating under our given set of assumptions for the route and season. But it is no small feat. Especially given long wait times and delays for special items have become standard.

So how do we do it?

We’d love to introduce the Bowlus Orders Team. This delightfully logistic group is the same who shepherd you after signing your purchase agreement to final delivery. They have incredible product knowledge and are skilled in all logistical aspects of delivering your Bowlus to you. Rest assured, they are promptly in touch if they suspect a delay like the time 8 inches fell on the I-80 in Wyoming last July.

While the entire country (and now the RV industry) is crippled in supply chain delays, our incredible team of fabricators and technicians working in concert with the orders team have not missed one delivery date – not one. It’s really a sweet orchestra that bubbles along to the staccato of a rivet gun here at Bowlus.

So without giving out any more secrets of the Bowlus delivery experience. Let’s leave it to a recent owner who sent us a quick note after receiving their Bowlus:

“As someone who spent their career in logistics, I just have to say I have no idea how you do it! The Orders Team was so very prompt in replying to all my questions. Their knowledge is fantastic, and their logistics are done with such a deft hand. I really believe they may be some of the unsung heroes at Bowlus. And yes, it was beautiful!”

Thank you for letting them shine.