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Feature Highlight: Off Grid For Two Weeks

Feature Highlight: Off Grid For Two Weeks

Why You Need Two Weeks of Off-Grid Power?

As the folks who pioneered lithium iron phosphate batteries in the RV world, we thought we’d take a quick minute to explain why two weeks should be your sweet spot of RV battery power.

There are three key considerations when designing a battery system in an RV. The first is your use case of your users. At Bowlus, we knew our owners would never be comfortable performing confidential personal or critical professional work at the nearest rest stop McDonald’s or Starbucks because we weren’t. So when we loaded our first cellular amplifier in 2014 and a private network router in 2015, we ensured there was more than sufficient power to do what needed to get done, whether it was work or fun. In 2016, we were the first to extend the off-grid time to over a week and allow the ability to power large appliances such as A/C from the batteries. In 2019, we anticipated the requirement for longer land adventures – maybe it was the new Endless Highways hotel-style ensuite that kept people adventuring longer – in any case, we doubled the power to 2 weeks or two nights off-grid. We found it was the sweet spot for our owners.

But lately, the world’s gotten a little carried away by adding batteries, much like you’re seeing manufacturers adding tech for tech’s sake. So you’ll see someone on a chat boast about being loaded with batteries. Although they are more often than not such poor quality, there is limited benefit. Remember, batteries galore without an integrated system is a complete waste. And all those batteries add massively to weight. Maybe you have big truck dreams, but more often than not, your Bowlus dreams include an SUV or crossover that’s also your daily drive. So a thoughtful balance of weight to user requirements is critical.

Then add all the ways you can charge your Bowlus when you are out and about. A 3 or 4-hour drive can significantly recharge your battery. Then, plug in the solar, and you’re not positive on an average sunny day. Additionally, you can grab easy access to a standard outlet (RV outlet not required) when visiting friends and family and charge your batteries in under 3 to 4 hours from 20% to 90%. This is all that before you even consider adding a small generator because the sweet spot to your life is where everything is integrated.

So when we say you can drive from LA to Miami and back on a single charge, that’s even before you’ve plugged in your Bowlus to your tow vehicle. You can see why really anything else you add is not going to work and return for you in a value equation that will give you any more freedom to adventure on your terms. And that’s what matters.

Please contact us to find out why the Bowlus will serve your adventure needs today and in the future.