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Bowlus® RV Buyer’s Guide

Bowlus® RV Buyer’s Guide

We sadly frequently hear from people who wish to purchase a Bowlus after making a regretful RV buying decision. They often say they got excited about a “deal” or loved the idea of being young in a van or the instant availability “got them” without considering all the key factors that should be important to them. We get it. We, too, get enthusiastic about something and hate to put on the brakes. But buying an RV isn’t like any other purchases you make. There are very few uniform standards when buying an RV like when you purchase an SUV. Build quality in the RV industry is akin to buying a Gremlin or a Pacer in the ’70s. 

Today’s savvy land travelers are looking for an RV that will do more than be a rigid cover while they visit our country’s amazing national and state parks. Still, they are also wishing to visit with friends and family and, more often than not, looking to work along the way. Many new travelers are entering the RV world for the first time. But it’s just not easy as they search for answers to their adventure dreams. So we thought we’d produce a new guide targeted for just this need.

Whether you’re new to camping or considering trading up from what you currently own, our RV Buyer’s Guide will provide lots of thoughtful information so you can make the right purchasing decision.

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