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What’s in a shape? Everything

What’s in a shape? Everything

In a world where RVs all pretty much look alike, the signature profile of a Bowlus sets us apart from the crowd. From our unique shape to the placement of the front door, no other RV on the market is quite as elegant as a Bowlus. In fact, we’ve trademarked the Bowlus design to ensure there are no imitators. But our exclusive look is about more than style and flair – the shape of the Bowlus enables us to provide the functionality and durability that Bowlus owners love.

First, the raindrop shape allows us to use a monocoque construction technique. This means the shell of the RV supports the entire structure. There is no heavy steel frame weighing down the Bowlus, making it one of the lightest weight RVs for its size (it’s so lightweight that it can be towed by many electric SUVs). The traditional steel RV frame that’s used by every other manufacturer in the industry requires the body of the travel trailer to be connected to a heavy steel frame with screws and bolts that can come loose over time. It also requires the manufacturer to make more holes in your RV when they put it together – and that just creates more opportunities for water leaks.

Second, the Bowlus monocoque design is fully enclosed, creating the strongest shell on the market. Even the water lines are inside of the shell, making the Bowlus a true four-seasons RV.

Third, the shape is incredibly aerodynamic, and that makes towing a Bowlus a dream. It also allows us to keep the center of gravity low, making ours the best-handling RV on the road.

Finally, the monocoque design allows us to place the door at the front of the trailer, a feature Bowlus owners love. Taller than other RV doors, the positioning is ideal for loading kayaks or other long items. Loading a longboard through the door of your typical RV, on the other hand, is an exercise in frustration.

The positioning of the door is also safer and more convenient when you’re making roadside pit stops. Because the door is at the front, you can park away from traffic at the far right edge of the shoulder and still have easy access to everything in your Bowlus. With any other RV, you’d have to park closer to the roadway so you could use the side entrance.

Beyond looking simply fabulous as you roll down the road, the shape of the Bowlus allows us to handcraft an RV that exceeds all your expectations.