When Less Technology is Better – Meet the Bowlus Awning

When Less Technology is Better – Meet the Bowlus Awning

At Bowlus, we’ve always said we’re against adding tech for tech’s sake. We’ve noticed recently that that phrase has become standard marketing-speak in the RV industry, but those other manufacturers define the concept differently than we do. So, let’s set the record straight and fine-tune the idea so that you understand what motivates us to do the work we do.

When we make a design change to one of our Bowlus models, it’s a very conscious decision that involves thinking holistically about the way our owners use, or might use, their RV. Most Bowlus owners buy from us because they want the flexibility to travel in luxury on their terms, both off-grid and on.

When you’re designing an RV that’s going to spend significant time off-grid, you have to start by talking about power. We’ve developed the most efficient power management system available and included the most powerful lithium-iron phosphate batteries in our luxury travel trailers. But even with these best-in-class features, the amount of power your Bowlus can generate and store is limited.

Tech gadgets require power, and the more of them you add, the more power your RV will need. That’s why the next step in the conversation is discussing which technology to add without sacrificing the luxury travel experience that drives people to choose Bowlus.

Bowlus owners tell us that they need power to run the air conditioner while they’re off-grid, and we’ve delivered on that for years. With the Terra Firma, you can run the AC for up to two overnights without shore power. In our latest model, the all-electric Volterra, we’ve added integrated solar panels and 17 kWh of battery storage so you can comfortably stay off-grid for as long as you want.

In today’s world, where remote work is the norm, a communications system that allows you to work from anywhere is another critical feature for Bowlus owners. All Bowlus models have a cellular booster and built-in mobile router, and the Volterra is Starlink satellite internet ready. You can work from anywhere when you’re in a Bowlus.

Every Bowlus is packed with technology to ensure your RV is efficient and as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy your time off-grid. But, there’s one area where Bowlus is decidedly low-tech – and that’s the awning.

Why does the most technologically advanced travel trailer on the market have a manual awning? Because the power needed for an electric model is better used elsewhere. It takes just five minutes to attach the awning to the side of your Bowlus, and it can be installed on either side, giving you incredible flexibility.

Why would you spend precious off-grid power extending and retracting an electric awning when the manual version offers greater flexibility? You wouldn’t, and neither would we. And that’s what we mean by not adding tech for tech’s sake.