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Why is the Terra Firma Just Right for Me?

Why is the Terra Firma Just Right for Me?

Investing in a luxury RV can be a big decision – and one you want to get right the first time. If you want an RV that offers the perfect blend of comfort, durability, convenience, and flexibility (and offers an excellent return on your investment), read on to learn why the Bowlus Terra Firma is right for you.

1. Best-in-class materials and floor plan
First, every Terra Firma is crafted with best-in-class materials. From the aircraft-grade aluminum and rivets used to construct the shell to the high-quality custom mattress and incredibly comfortable seating, each material we select is durable, but adds to the luxurious feel you can only find in a Bowlus. After all, a Bowlus is the last RV you will ever buy.

Then, there’s the floor plan of the Terra Firma, which is optimized to maximize space, convenience, and luxury. The Bowlus hotel-style bathroom has a full shower with teak seating and flooring, and the Zen bedroom offers private space that’s hard to find in many RVs.

2. An incomparable heating system
The Terra Firma’s heating system utilizes nearly silent hydronic technology. We place vents strategically throughout the unit, including near the floor, to ensure your entire space is heated evenly. And, if that weren’t enough to keep you toasty warm at night, the same system powers the heated floors, adding even more coziness to your camping experience.

3. Air conditioning, even when you’re off-grid
At Bowlus, your comfort is top of mind, regardless of the season. That’s why the Terra Firma has a vented air conditioning system with adjustable vents throughout the RV – designed to circulate cool air much more efficiently than a traditional ducted AC unit, making you feel cooler in a Bowlus faster than in any other RV. Plus, the Terra Firma has a HEPA filter, so you can breathe safely knowing the air in your RV has been filtered.

Like everything else in a Bowlus luxury RV, the Terra Firma’s air conditioner is designed to be as efficient as possible. In fact, we were the first and are still the only towable RV where you can run the air conditioner efficiently off-grid.

4. Get away from it all
Speaking of off-grid, traveling in a Terra Firma means you can have a more civilized off-grid camping experience, no “roughing it” required. You can comfortably spend up to a week off-grid thanks to the Terra Firma’s 8-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery and best-in-class power management system, and still light enough to be towed by small SUVs and EVs.

The 3,000-watt pure sine wave inverter in the Terra Firma uses the battery to power all the outlets in the trailer, not just a select few. Plug things in just like you would at home to keep your devices charged, even when boondocking in the middle of a national forest.

We look forward to connecting you with your Terra Firma today!