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12 of the Best Luxury RV Accessories You Need

12 of the Best Luxury RV Accessories You Need

Bowlus owners know that every time they head out with their luxury RV, they’re in for a treat. From the finely appointed interiors to the best in class construction, everything about a Bowlus is luxurious. And because we know that every RVer needs more accessories than just a coffee pot, our Terra Firma and Endless Highways Edition travel trailers have ample storage for the finer things of RV life.

Read on for a few of our favorite camping accessories that are sure to elevate your next RV adventure. We’ve included links to some best-in-class examples to help guide you on your way.

The Best RV Accessories for the Kitchen

  • Multi-Cooker: If you have one of these gadgets at home, then you know how easy they make meal prep. Bring this popular multi-tasking kitchen tool along to save both time and space while you’re camping. Whip up gourmet meals quickly with the pressure cooker functions or let them simmer all day with the slow cooker settings. Multi-pots are made by many brands, in different sizes and with different features. Pick the one that works best for how you want to cook and eat!
  • If you want your wine to be at the perfect temperature even when you’re boondocking, a compressor wine cooler could be the perfect addition to your camping set up. There are several 6-bottle models on the market that would work in your RV – some are just 6 inches wide.
  • Portable Ice Maker: These are great if you’re traveling with a crowd or would rather prioritize your freezer space for things other than ice cube trays. Fill one of these small countertop units with bottled water and plug it in, either inside or out. And voila! You’ll have plenty of ice for the cocktail hour.

    Luxury Outdoor Cooking for RVers

  • Lightweight portable propane griddles are having a moment, especially those made by Blackstone. Campers love them because they’re multi-taskers. They can be used as a griddle for pancakes, eggs, or bacon in the morning, then use the flattop for your favorite hot sandwich at lunch. For dinner, they’re perfect for the protein and veggies you crave. You’ll need a portable propane tank or you can hook into your Bowlus’ propane quick connect.
  • If you’re a serious fan of bar-be-que, you may want to consider a portable smoker. These compact grills deliver flavor that can only come from food cooked over a wood fire. Some models are multitaskers so you can sear, griddle, roast, and more.
  • Pizza night is serious business for some families, even when they’re camping. If you’re boondocking miles away from the nearest pizza joint, a gas powered pizza oven is the perfect way to satisfy your cravings. They heat up quickly and nothing tastes better than homemade pizza right out of the oven. You’ll need to hook your oven up to a portable propane tank or your RV’s quick connect.

    Luxury Outdoor RV Living

  • Propane fire pit – because of forest fire dangers, some campgrounds don’t have fire pits or fire rings, but do allow propane fire pits. Not only is this a smoke and ash free experience, you can control the size of the flame. They produce a fair amount of heat, and they’re quick and easy to hook up to a portable propane tank.
  • Another fire ring alternative is a smokeless campfire like a Solo Stove. You can cook over this wood burning fire pit, or just sit back, enjoy the warmth and watch the flames. Because of its design, this kind of portable fire pit burns the wood completely and efficiently.
  • An outdoor screen room, gazebo or canopy is also a luxurious accessory – more so if you’re in a region that’s home to lots of flying bugs like the Everglades. Set up one of these handy screened-in rooms to also give you shelter from the sun or create an intimate outdoor dining space.
  • Luxury bamboo camping chairs – these outdoor recliners are perfect for soaking in the sun or gazing up at the stars. They’re also great to have around the campfire.
  • If there’s a pampered pooch in your life, don’t forget to pack a pet chair for them. There are styles and sizes to fit even the pickiest dogs, including those that like a shady spot to nap.

    Tech for Luxurious RVing

  • If you plan on spending time in the back country or hiking remote trails, a handheld GPS device is a good investment. Depending on how you’ll be spending your time, you may want one that’s preloaded with topographic maps and uses the latest technology to locate your position.
  • Another popular item with backcountry travelers is a compact satellite communicator. These devices use a powerful satellite network to allow you to have 2-way text messages. You won’t have to worry about being out of cell phone range during your hike if you have one of these with you.

    If you’re heading out for an RV trip in anything other than a Bowlus, there are a few other luxury accessories you’re going to want to include. Bowlus luxury RV owners will find their travel trailer comes with these standard features, or we’ve provided something even better.

  • A water filter will improve the taste of your water and protect your RV’s plumbing. The Bowlus Terra Firma comes standard with a fresh water filtration system. Our carbon filters remove bacteria, sediment, chlorine, and other chemicals from your water supply.
  • Cell service can be spotty when you’re boondocking (and sometimes even in an established campground), so you’ll want a cell phone booster to keep you connected. Every Bowlus comes with a cellular booster and includes a WiFi router and an antenna pre-wired on the roof. Just connect one or two cellular networks and your Bowlus will allow you to keep in touch from anywhere.
  • Many RVers bring a generator along when they’re boondocking. They’re standard issue on many fifth wheels and most Class A motorhomes. Bowlus owners have optional solar panels that can charge their batteries without the disruptive noise of a generator. And because our solar panels are portable, you can put them in the sun while your RV is in the shade.